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01.03.2012 Vicky Klopp....... This is a wonderful article. Thank you for sharing it with the world.
20.02.2012 Abhishek Singh....... Hello I often search the internet for spiritual stuff that i can benefit from and can share among friends and family. This web site is truly superb and one stop for all my spiritual hunger. Thank you.
29.01.2012 Tanmay....... I love the flowershow and the themes of the weeks by the website.
01.01.2012 Anonymous..... I just received a mail from a senior person who I hold as a mentor....
The articles on the website are awesome. but it wold be better if you could add a few things such as articles or applications etc specially about stress management. please add some new features every month as am kinda bored as it has been two months since you added some new.
Such websites are required.Thanks for creating one.
Sunny.....Harshil, in her article "Sleepless Network" has shown light on the uses n misuses of electronic devises. Certainly this sleep cycle shifts the person towards antisocial temperament. They update themselves with latest knowledge, living just like a paying guest in the family. Aloof n unaware of family matters. Insensitive towards relatives, neighbours n friends. Sometimes they live in the world of fantacy,or imaginary world, far from the realistic things. thanks to miss Harshil for awakening them.
Monika Kaur..... Wonderful site No Words, still explaining...... Provide peace and calm. I listen its prayer daily in the morning. Day is incomplete without listening it. Every week \"Theme of the week\" give a new thought in mind to tackle hectic and tough life. Thanks
Dr. Pramod.... strong family makes it easy,the writer has beautifully shown the importance of strong emotional bonds. love really means to accept the person with his failures and success.the foundation of family is love.the key to success is strong family relations.
To sustain ANNA motion media n NGo can come out to teach the people who r away from mass media.they can use audio visuals in their local language.they can teach the preciousness of their life n vote. some can arrange deaddiction programmes.today 80% population is addict to alcohol, tobacco,television,video games,chatting or sms.that way their judgement power can start working.
Dr. Anita.... To sustain ANNA motion the first n foremost thing is to introspect oneself. Am I performing my duties in a right manner? I think most of us r part of the crowd who think what will happen if only n only I will pour water instead of milk .I have taken for granted that everyone else must pour milk.What will happen if only i m cheating .I must b given this much liberty. rest of people r there to work honestly.ANNA taught us to focus on oneself.PEOPLE r with u if u r selfless. TODAY we teach our children to WIN .we forgot to teach them \"live n let live\". The youth followed ANNA HAZARE because he showed the path by doing .He himself is selfless,honest,fearless. .Nonviolence, spiritual power ,selfconfidence,love for peace R SOME OF THE QUALITIES IF we the senior citizen adopt can guide the youth continuously .
Durga Shankar Nagda......Yes, I have browsed through your website and it looks very good. I have noticed the objectives and activities of the Jyotikalash and I would be happy to help chip in towards last two objectives and activities through discussion, articles, and interaction. Vinitaji and Anilji are doing an excellent venture in helping people. Thank you.
Durga Shankar Nagda......Thank you for the interview with Dr. S. M. Seth. I happened to read this interview with Dr. Seth -my childhood friend and was happy to know his grand success. I will look forward to contact him. I understand he is in Jaipur. I will see JyotiKalash site and should I have any comment I will send it as requested, so also the articles of Interest to your readers. Thanks again.
Meenakshi....Dear ma\'am A remarkable effort....you should link it on facebook so that many more people come to know about it...very inspiring indeed!!
N.K.....Your website now looks more attractive and mattured. Congratulations for this improvement! I liked the audio prayer very much. My special blessings to the team involved in this. Words in the prayer, music and voice... everything is just perfect. I am planning to write an article on the different races that all of us run everyday. Please let me know if you would want to carry such an article on your website?
Nimish ...Great voice ,very soothing and heart touching. Just a small suggestion - as soon as we login into this site this should be auto play like theme
Sunita ...lovely sweet voice of prerna gives depth to the chants. Theme of week every week provides new dimensions.
Dr. Pramod - Anita ...tranquilizing chants in sweet beautiful voice of prerna mathur with full devotion r really relaxing .theme of the week this week is short n sweet but has depth.


Dr. Anita ...Dear Shivam, u have done a great job .excellent work.
jssarada ...Indeed the Flower Show is Amazingly soothing to the Eyes and the Ears.
Sanjeev Sharma ...jyotikalash has shown a simplified way of empowering oneself to face the ambiguities of daily life.the effort is laudable. .







Anamika ...Harshil, you are amazing. I advise everybody should read and understand the thought process of this budding kid.





Navin ...Write your sad time on WATER and write your good time on STONE
Navin ... Start by doing what is necessary, then do what is possible, and suddenly you are doing the impossible






Dadaji, Pramod, Anita, Sunny, & Simmy ... Congrates and Blessings.
Shreya ... An awesome and magnificant site.A must visit for a Stress Free Life