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Issue XXVI (31.07.2011)

Significance of the Name Jyotikalash.net

Many of you wonder, what relation our website name “jyotikalash.net” has with our mission. Especially our visitors from non Hindi speaking territories mostly have this question in their minds! Jyotikalash is a Hindi word which comes by association of two words Jyoti (Light) and Kalash (pot). A typical “Kalash” is a pot made of clay or metals (copper, brass, silver, or gold) with a broad and flat base, even broader centre, slim neck and a broad top (mouth) again. 

When we need to make a movement, we need some light to look at the direction. If we move in total darkness, we may fall. Similarly, in order to carry ourselves in our life every moment, we need an inner light before taking any step in the form of having a thought, talking to someone or making a decision. This light is already there deep within us but is clouded by a lot of dust of our heavy thoughts and feelings. Our inner wisdom is covered by clouds of fear, illiteracy, aggression, inhuman desires and a host of negative memories. If somehow we are able to remove this veil, our consciousness and moral strength would make our walk of life smooth by making its path bright and clear. 

Our scriptures and teachings of many ancient and modern teachers give us lot of insights into the deeper aspects of human existence which, when understood properly, can make our life much more fulfilling and happy. They open the lid from the light of wisdom which is filled in our conscience. Our conscience, our soul, our inner strength is the Kalash (pot, the container) of Jyoti (light of wisdom) while the intelligence of Supreme Power manifested through Laws of Nature are a huge Lighthouse. Thus, each one of us is already blessed with a Jyotikalash which is filled with knowledge, hope, prosperity and a divine sense of freedom and inner power.

Initially we need some guidance and a force (coming from within or created by circumstances) to reduce the clouds of dark negative thoughts and feelings. But once we do it, our path is lighted with inner insights, the uncertainties of future gradually get minimized and we are able to overcome various types of fears which otherwise consume our precious potential like a virus. The inner light also stops us from taking steps which may lead to stressful situations. Above all when the path of future is clear, it becomes very easy to cross the barriers and climb the heights of success.

Swami Vivekanand said whenever you feel hurt or angry, think that you have not understood something properly. Finding the source of our mental agony outside us leads to a feeling of powerlessness. By searching the answer within our deep intelligence, we feel free and get the right direction for future.

We wish you all get a continuous light from your own Jyotikalash. May it always remain free from the dark clouds of ignorance.

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Vicky Klopp What does intimidation of publication mean? This is a glorious web site. Thank you for being so articulate and universal in the english language. Sincerely, Vicky Klopp

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