Theme of the week

Issue XXXIX(3o.10.2011)

Formula-1 in our Lives

India is nowadays enjoying the thrill of Formula-1 race. While some are excited about the magnificent car models that they will see on tracks, some are eager to see faces like Michael Schumacher, Sebastian Vettel, Jenson Button, Narain Karthikeyan, and the like. Some are more enthusiastic about Lady Gaga and other similar shows from celebrities, while for some it is a business opportunity where they can promote their products.

While we are thrilled about the speed, glamour, and glory of this sport, these races are also a perfect example of team work and synchronization where driver of the car is only the face. A large group of people, from technicians, engineers, and physicians to the tire changers, work as a team and support the driver in mission.

Wow… what a thrill it will be. Magical cars will run at over 350 kmph on the first ever Indian F1 track. All renowned faces of the sport will run their miraculous cars at lightning speed and compete with passion and sportsman spirit. Yes, they do compete and try hard to defeat others but still have full sympathy for each other and follow rules of the sport. Their lives are always at stake but the thrill and passion drags them on the tracks.

We are also running Formula-1 like races! We run them against different competitors and on different type of tracks. Student run races with fellow students, Businessmen run them against competitors, while workmen are in a race with fellow employees. Political parties are in race for votes, while cine stars are racing for popularity. TV Channels are dying for TRP, while publishers are worried for their reader base. Some are racing for their very survival. Most of us also run a race against time. A lot to do but have no time! Race against targets, race against schedules, race against destiny, race against records, race against responsibilities, and race against execution of rights. Entire lifespan we keep running some race or the other. Race…race…race….. Tracks sometimes are simple, smooth, and straight, while at times they are complex, bumpy and with sharp turns and twists!

Some of these races are run with fair spirit while for some it is just a tussle to win, come what may! They have no rules or ethics to follow. Win for them is the only acceptable result.... by hook or by crook. We read several crime stories in newspapers that are result of defeat in a race. A race lost in love, a race lost in examination, a race lost in a fight for wealth, a race lost in a fight for property, a race lost in fight for right to rule, and many other such races.

Many-a-times, race becomes a major source of stress. Some of us do not want to accept a failure. For them, it is not their way of living and is just down market. Even a win does not satisfy some! I’m fine with the whiteness and brightness of my shirt, but why should other fellow’s shirt be brighter? Aim for some is not their success, but failure or defeat of others, gives them more pleasure.

When we break rules of the game, chances are that we get advantage temporarily, but in the end we lose. Even if we manage to win the game somehow, we still are the loser. We lose the sense of self pride and have a feeling of guilt started developing within. It has been rightly said, even if we win in a rat race, we remain a rat. A race which does not involve human dignity and human virtues is just like a rat race.Remember, we can misguide everyone else, but not our own inner self. The inner self of us knows it all and it keeps making us feel ashamed of all the sins we commit.

A fair race, a healthy competition, a friendly tussle with passion is far better than a win with foul means. Let us run our race with all its glory and spirit and may the right man win. Let us first choose the right races to compete and then perform with all desired dedication and hard work but not care for the outcome. Having a goal is but a must but when the goal becomes a “lust”, it is hazardous. Real thrill lies in the competition and not the win.

Perhaps the real win is to be more equipped for future – to experience the thrill of knowing a little more than yesterday.