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Issue LXXVIII (29.07.2012)

Understanding Concentration


CONCENTRATION is highly important for a human being. Whenever we indulge into an activity, the actual outcome depends to a large extent on our concentration while doing it. Most of you may think that concentration improves with practice. This is true. But concentration improves if we first understand what leads to good concentration and what distracts us.

Generally we believe that concentration is a function of the mind. However, actually concentration is another name of mind’s alignment with other aspects of our being which keep on influencing the mind.

Many a times, our mind comes in contact with our heart. If the two are in the same line, concentration would be better. However, if the two are in conflict, mind would not be able to concentrate and the heart would not be able to function well.
Another important factor is our spiritual power. Our spiritual power increases when we are in touch with the laws of Nature. If a person can be in total integration with the cosmic universe – with the supreme power, he can attain highest degree of spiritual power. The more the spiritual power, the better is the concentration.

Concentration is very closely related to the power of the mind itself. The power of mind while engaged in a particular activity increases when a person is continuously thinking about it. If a scientist is designing an experiment or a student is simply learning a lesson, the concentration is better if he or she has been constantly thinking about it.

We can experience the power of our heart by actually touching our heart. The power of the mind can be experienced by concentrating on the point between the two eye-brows (also known as Agya-Chakra). The spiritual power can be experienced by being in touch with the middle-point of the highest layer of our skull (also known as Crown Chakra).

When all the three powers are in alignment with each other, we feel a positive energy flowing between these three points in a straight line when we close our eyes. When this flow of energy is smooth, we feel at peace and there is no distraction in our work. But when such an integration of mind, spirit and heart is missing, the flow of energy would not be smooth and the mind would be distracted while doing a task.

The above analysis has the following implications:

  • To improve our concentration, we should try to achieve a state of integration among the three forces;

  • If we undertake something important, we should start at it, collect all the relevant information / view- points and process it within our mind. We should take time to constantly think about it before giving it the final shape.  If an important task is finished in a hurry, the mind cannot exercise a lot of power while doing it and the concentration as well as the quality would not be good.

  • Every activity has two outcomes – one is the desired immediate outcome and the other is the ultimate outcome. If a person increases power of the mind to a very high degree by continuously thinking about what he wants to do, the chances of getting the immediate desired result become very good. However, the ultimate outcome – that is, how much a person would be able to enjoy what he or she has achieved, would depend on how much his mind was in alignment with his spirit and the heart.

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