Theme of the week

Issue XVII(29.05.2011)


Real Knowledge is Precious

Once, during a lecture on importance of real knowledge, a spiritual teacher narrated a story as given below:

A boy of 25 years wanted to marry a girl of 20 years whom he knew for some time. Both the boy and the girl talked to their parents and everyone accepted the proposal.

When the parents of the boy and girl met with each other, girl’s parents told that they are not the real parents of this girl and that they found her in a fair of Kumbh in Haridwar (UP, India) around 14 years ago. They said they had given her photograph in the newspaper but did not get any response. Since they did not have any child of their own, they took her as God’s blessing.

The boy’s father asked whether they can show the photograph of the girl when she was six or seven years old. The girls’ mother showed the family album. To everyone’s surprise, the parents of the boy were in tears and embraced the girl. She was their daughter. They told everyone that they had lost their daughter in the fair of Kumbh 14 years ago.

The boy was also happy to find her beloved little sister again. The perspective of both the boy and the girl for each other changed in a moment.

Real knowledge can at times change the whole life instantly.
A lady once shared in one of social gatherings:

“A book was lying in my shelf since last twenty years. I used to look at it everyday and thought I would read it some day when I get time.

After twenty years when my children were grown up and I had lot of spare time, one day I started reading that book. That day onwards my life changed.

Now I wonder why I did not read the book twenty years ago."