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Issue LXV (29.04.2012)

Managing the Most Important Aspect of Life

The most important question all of us face some time or the other is what matters the most. What is that without which we are never at peace. What all of us are required to manage whether we are rich or poor, highly educated or illiterate, famous or living an uncelebrated life.

All the enlightened persons so far have agreed on one common answer to this question. The most important aspect of life is to be capable of happily facing the undeniable truth – the truth that what we know as our life would one day come to an end. The more important thing is the way it comes to an end. It has both spiritual and social aspect associated with it. It is believed that the way we die is the deciding factor of the way we take the next birth. The thoughts and feelings which are present with us at the last moment go with us with our soul. The soul, it is believed, continues its journey and gives another shape to our thoughts and emotions in the form of rebirth. If we go with peace and joy without any grudges and guilt we get a family and parents where we get the opportunity to nourish the same thoughts and feelings. If we go with a feeling of depression or grudges, the environment which we get in the next birth is such where the same feelings continue.
The above thought is a theory which cannot be proved by an experiment. The people who have touched the heights of spirituality have experienced the truth in their own way and time and again they teach us one basic lesson that all of us should live a life in such a way that it leads to a pleasant, peaceful and guilt free evening of life. Some people say we should live our life as if we would not continue tomorrow. The best way to plan one’s life is therefore planning one’s death.
The social aspect associated  with the last phase or rather the second half of life is that the way we spend it makes a lot of difference in the quality of life of our children. When parents are clear in their thoughts and lead a healthy and fulfilling life in all respects, their children are better able to cope with the day to day stresses of life.  Some questions we should ask ourselves when we enter in the evening of life are:

  • Have I ensured that my children would continue to be united with their brothers and sisters and other family members when I am not there;

  • Have I ensured that my children would not face any extraordinary self created problem in life. They would not make any such mistake like taking a bribe, giving favour to a wrong person, or doing any other thing which is socially or morally not acceptable;

  • Have I ensured that my children would continue to lead a peaceful and respectable life when I am not there;

  • Have I ensured that my leaving would not be a loss to the family. My children would relive whatever good I did in my life – may be – in a multiplied way.

Taking a deeper look at life, we find that when all the aspects of life – social, materialistic and spiritual- go hand in hand, we are really able to enjoy the evening of life and then when we take the last breath, it is a moment of celebration, because, may be, it’s the beginning of a new journey which would take us to those heights which we could see but could not touch. If we know where we want to go in the next lifetime, we should make it a point to live our present life in such a way that we reach the first step at the time when this life comes to an end.

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Sridhar I liked the slogan on attached image. "The spirit of man is the candle of lord". Thanks Jyotikalash team for such thought provoking articles.

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