Theme of the week

Issue LII (29.01.2012)

The Picture of My Life

When I visualised the picture of  my life
I thought I need it to be Serene White
Full of Peace!
But when I took a paper and a brush
I found
The paper was serene  white
It was only that I put the Paper
Somewhere  where it catched  stains of various colours!!
These stains always made me uncomfortable
I worked hard to make the paper white again
I worked hard to get the peace
And when I started getting it
I realised
I did not want only white
I wanted the green of trees
The orange of rising Sun
I also wanted to make it live
By incorporating
The sound of flowing river
The chirping of birds into it
I also wanted to see the beauty of Lotus, of Roses
And the Grandeur of the Ocean
Into the picture of my Life!!
What I wanted more deeply
Is perhaps
The Joy which Nature Reflects
When it Gives Life to Us!!!
I wanted the picture of my life
To reflect a Thoughtfulness – a meaning
And the  Depth and Eternity of the Ocean
Which  accepts everything
Coming with waters of rivers
And still maintains its Grandeur!!!!

What we all want perhaps – is not just peace- but an inner joy which comes to us Naturally when we look at our life in terms of a purpose, in terms of eternity, in terms of thoughtfulness.

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QclPHbkGuCJIPH Laurie! I'm so sorry this is so late, but tahkns!!! I thought I had replied to your comment already, but in stumbling upon this thread again, I see it didn’t go through! Hugs to you and TJ!

HARSHIL MATHUR this is one of the poem which leaves mark on the other persons heart and leaves deep impact on life."THE PICTURE of LIFE" is beautifully portrait through the poem. I LIKE THE POEM A LOT !PLEASE KEEP WRITING.

abc(Chennai) Each one of us was given a white, virgin, and stainless canvas. Some of us painted it beautifully with bright colors of kindness, humanity, and joy while some destroyed beyond possibility of rectification. Let us see how our examiner rates our work in the end and scores it!!

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