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Issue XXX(28.08.2011)

Beginning of a New Era

Fortune is smiling at the future of India and has created a situation where people are coming in touch with their hidden moral courage. People have come out of their shell and are meeting each other as citizen of India. The present agitation was nothing less than a Sagar Manthan where the truth has won and Nectar has come out in the hands of every citizen of the country.

The common man today is able to sidetrack some of his personal agenda and give time to the country. Probably after Independence people have realized for the first time that we have ignored the “ills” in the past and the situation today demands a REAL solution.  The country today is asking everyone to do justice with one’s role and with one’s position. This is the time to come out of one’s shell and collect the courage to stand for the Truth. It is indeed the beginning of a new Era.

Let us begin this new era by saluting Anna and our father, Gandhi. Of course this is still an incomplete victory. Major terms of Janlokpal bill have been accepted by parliament and parliament has agreed to present the bill to the standing committee. But the greater victory is that public by and large, especially our youth has seen that Truth and Non-violence always win. These are the unbeatable principles of life. Another fact which came out in this struggle was that when there was no leadership and direction, the youth had started believing in violence. However, when a vision was given to them clearly and they got a bold leader, youth not only supported non-violence, they were the ones who expressed their passion for the country like anything. On the other hand if we introspect, we as parents, teachers and senior members of this country were failing to give a lesson of Patriotism to our children in the past few decades. Anna has given a chance to the whole country to rectify the past mistakes.

Corruption is not the only problem which India is facing today. There are a number of other “ills” which are creating a big threat for our future generations. Let us work actively to solve the problems which are a threat to our future generations and make India a Role Model for other countries.

For doing this, we will now have to take the responsibility of sustaining the positive change which has taken a shape during this Satyagrah. We will have to take care of the Nectar which has emerged during the Manthan. A lesson that we should stand for the country and for moral values – a lesson that there is no alternative to Truth – a lesson that we should not be afraid of those who are afraid of Honesty and Authenticity, is the Nectar of this struggle. Let us now take some Bold steps to establish these lessons in the psyche of every member of this country.

Some of the thoughts which may help us to sustain this blessing of God may be the following:

  1. Lesson of Patriotism should be the First Lesson for children. Lessons of Business management, Engineering, Medicine etc. are important but they should follow the first lesson.

  2. People were able to get connected with others because this time they were in touch with their soul. The lesson is that we can enjoy our roles and do justice with them only when we are in touch with our soul. We should make conscious efforts to sustain this change and should continue to connect with others in a meaningful and authentic way.

  3. Before the Global forces drag us once again towards Capitalism and consumerism, let us attract them towards Love for Peace and Authenticity in communication. India has shown to the whole World how we could go through such a big agitation and could come to a meaningful conclusion in such a peaceful way.

  4. The Education System should have provision for building moral courage, human values and a deeper understanding of inner life. Just a few lessons of Moral Science merely to pass the examination would not do. Practices like Scout, Guide, NCC, NSS, Plantation, etc. should be made part of the curriculum in every govt. and private school. Teachers and incharges should not only be trained for that – they should be instilled with a passion for the country and for humanity so that they can pass it on to the children.

  5. Youth has passion. We need many more leaders like Anna, Kiran Bedi, and Arvind Kejriwal to give the whole country a purpose and a clear direction. We need to make a lot of ACTIVE  efforts to channelize the energy of Youth for building this country in an integrated manner where moral values and basic principles of life take the lead.

  1. Richard Bach in his book “Jonathan Livingston Seagull” says the final lesson on spiritual path is to learn to Love. Anna has taught us the real meaning of love. It is love for the masses which gave a man the power to make such a big sacrifice and still have to Power to address them on even the twelfth day of Anshan. Anna really loves this country. Compassion for all is the real love. Let us build this quality in all Indians.

The victory attained on 27th of August, 2011 is only a beginning. It is a real test of we Indians now to sustain the change which took a shape between 16.08.11 and 27.08.11. There was no bloodshed during the agitation because Anna became the Shiva and consumed the poison – he gave pain to himself so that others can taste the value of non-violence. Let us now sustain this nectar gifted to us.

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