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Issue XLIV (27.03.2011)

Traversing the Realm of Fear
Author : Dr. Ashish Johri

To elevate and expand is the basic nature of a human being. This instinct of a man may be expressed in terms of social success and material progress or in terms of self awareness and spiritual development. Whatever the direction may be, the biggest enemy of man in all his endeavors is FEAR. Fear is one of the basic emotions experienced by man. Though fear has a  positive role in offering protection and preservation of life. However, as a famous sloka in Sanskrit states “ Beyond a certain concentration even the Elixir of Life (Amrit) turns to Venom (Vish), it is only when uncontrolled,  unregulated fear percolates down to the inner folds of human existence and starts exercising its negative influence on an individual’s actions does it become an object of concern.
The Unexplored and the Unknown , no matter which sphere it belongs to, presents as a potential area of threat, capable of inflicting hurt or damage or pain, hence to be avoided altogether. Psychologists suggest that the first experience of fear in human life is at the time of birth. It is a traumatic experience for the newborn, being in a totally unknown environment and at the same time cut off from the safe connection – the connection with the mother. The fear which is experienced at the time of birth is recorded in the brain and whenever there is uncertainty or unfamiliarity, it gets replayed. Later, of course man starts analyzing events and calculating probabilities which help in minimizing the intensity of fear.
Fear cripples action. It happens in day to day life, in business environments, in financial transactions, in interpersonal relationships. Fear brings a torment to the psyche that affects the emotions, mind, and spirit. Let’s list a few of these torments.

  1. Fear consumes the mind. If the intensity of fear is too high, a person is not able to see the positive aspect of a situation.

  2. Fear can destroy and limit your relationships as few relationships can withstand the pressure of being dominated by fear.

  3. Fear creates nonexistent problems that trouble your emotions and dictate your actions.

  4. Fear prevents positive action.

  5. Fear creates an unstable environment that others will studiously avoid leaving you isolated and alone.

  6. Fear prevents us from experiencing positive feelings.

  7. Fear causes you to be reactive. Beyond the limit of tolerance, fear leads to anger or hurt and stops a person from being proactive.

  8. Fear builds an atmosphere of anxiety in even the most comfortable and normal environments.

Is there no alternative to this..? Can it not be avoided..? Is there no antidote….? The answer to all these three questions is ‘YES’. The antidote is FAITH. Faith in Self – having a touch with our real Self helps in overcoming Fear.
We experience our real Self through our mind. The mind in turn is influenced by dual forces. On one hand, our inner wisdom coming from super consciousness (through our soul) gets reflected through our mind. On the other hand, many confusing thoughts and impressions lying in the subconscious mind also get reflected through our conscious mind. It is when confusing impressions of subconscious mind overpower us that we experience fear. Having faith in the wisdom coming from super consciousness makes us fearless. Scriptures and the ancient books of great wisdom are replete with examples of wonders, a dose of Faith can bring.
The subconscious mind is highly susceptible to suggestions and can be reprogrammed through positive thoughts fed into it by the conscious mind. So, the conscious mind can provide fodder to the subconscious mind and through practice we can nurture within us a tendency to face the uncertainties with courage and to explore something positive in each negative event.
The trick lies in putting an entry check on the types of thoughts pervading the conscious mind. Difficult….not impossible though. What it requires is a refusal to succumb to the whirlpool of negative thoughts, including Fear when they threaten to wash us down with their deluge. It is only a fraction of a second that is required not to give way to Fear and the battle is won.

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