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Issue IV (27.02.2011)

Preparing for Future

“The best way to predict future is to invent it”. _ Alan Kay

Dear friends!

If you are on the verge of coming out of your teenage, you must be full of dreams of success and prosperity. If you are a parent of a grown up son or daughter, you must be full of dreams of family’s prosperity and happiness. We as members of human civilization are full of the dreams of a better future where people in general enjoy the fruits of their hard work and live a happy life while the society is able to maintain law and order.

All these dreams are associated with our youth. Though the members of youth today are highly conscious of their future and are making efforts for success and prosperity, something seems to be missing. They think in terms of getting knowledge, degree, good package, a good spouse, etc. to ensure a happy future. In all these cases, the source of the fulfillment of their dreams is outside them. This is the reason of unending struggle.

The reality is that the seeds of a happy, successful and prosperous life are within us. We only need to recognize these seeds and make appropriate efforts to let them sprout and grow into a beautiful garden. So, if you are between 18 and 35, read the thoughts given below very carefully, reflect on them and then take some decisions about your future.

Steps towards Continuous Growth and a Fulfilling Life

  • To construct a building, an architect first prepares its design and works out all the details. To grow a beautiful garden, the gardener has a vision. Before sowing the seeds, he prepares the soil and knows when to put the fertilizer and when to use the pesticides. Similarly, to invite continuous success in life, we need to have a clear vision in advance.
  • A mango seed would develop into a mango tree. By putting it into an environment which is full of humidity, it would not become rice. Similarly, every human being is bestowed upon with certain qualities. The secret of sure success is therefore to explore one’s unique potential.
  • A flower is beautiful only if it is part of a beautiful garden or is used for decoration somewhere or is offered to God. Similarly, your talents also have a cause. There is a right lock for every key. You have to see which type of system or organization would accept you comfortably.  The path for steady growth is, thus, recognizing one’s role and at the same time recognizing the kind of people and place to get associated with.
  • Initially, our abilities are in a raw form. We have to sharpen them with direct and moral support of a parent or parental figure, a good institution, good seniors and committed efforts from our side. The idea is to make ourselves an asset for a particular type of organization and at the same time for our family and our social network.
  • A flower is able to blossom beautifully because it keeps itself linked to the leaves, the branch, the stem and the roots. Similarly, every human being is linked to many people in the form of different roles. To give full expression to our hidden talent and enjoy life fully, we should recognize all our linkages and should keep them intact. Our linkages in the family work like a strong stem and our linkages to our culture work like roots.
  • If we think of ourselves only in terms of a flower, that is, to be a person who is noticed and appreciated, our success would be as short lived as the beauty of a flower. However, fortunately, as a human being, we play the role of a leaf or a branch in some of linkages, while in others we are or would be a stem or even a root. We have various types of responsibilities in different roles which, when taken together, give us real fulfillment as well as the freedom all of us ultimately aspire for. To begin with, we should think about our roles and responsibilities in our family, our profession, our family network and our immediate social network and try to integrate our various functions and responsibilities. When a tree provides oxygen to the atmosphere and gives eatables to human beings, there is no contradiction within its various functions. To live highly successful life in the long term, we should also aspire for similar balance. Whenever there is a contradiction within various roles, conflicts and continuous stress would be the natural consequences, creating many unwanted boundations.
  • A tree gets itself rooted deeply into the soil, makes itself free of pests and builds a strong stem before yielding fruits. Similarly, we have to prepare ourselves in many ways before jumping to take many roles. While our unique qualities are the seeds which need to be sharpened and polished, a quality mind, a healthy life style and emotional self control work like a fertile soil and allow these qualities to get sprouted and grow continuously. To prepare the right kind of environment, we should learn to listen and understand others, to influence others with right kind of verbal skills and to relate meaningfully with others. A gardener takes care of the soil and right kind of environment before sowing the seed. Similarly, we should work to develop the basic life competencies as early as possible to avoid unnecessary delays, conflicts and excessive stress in our life.


Friends, when a flower or leaves wither, fruits are plucked to be consumed, or, a tree is cut for wood, roots continue to exist. Prepare yourself to be a root ultimately. All the great people because of whom we are able to live a quality life today prepared themselves to be a root for future generations. Prepare yourself to be great!


Diagnose Yourself

Read the story of Mr. Mohan given below and see where he went wrong?

Mr. Mohan, youngest brother in his family, was a dynamic manager, did his MBA from a quality institution. He was fortunate enough to get entry in his dream organization within two years of his career and also got an early promotion because of his hard work. He got many offers of marriage from good families and got married with the daughter of a millionaire who was looking for a dynamic, intelligent and ambitious person as a suitable match for his daughter.

When Mr. Mohan entered in his thirties, he developed diabetes. His doctor advised him to change his lifestyle and make it stress free. However, Mr. Mohan found that his job is becoming increasingly demanding. His company wanted him in office almost round the clock. He had to coordinate with bosses of other countries which he found to be taxing since he hailed from a traditional family and his thoughts and values had lot of contradictions with those of his seniors. At times his seniors told him that he was not a good leader as some of his juniors criticized him in his absence. However, he was an asset for the company because of his creativity.

His wife was proud of her husband’s status and dynamism. She was the youngest among siblings and was a pampered child. She always wanted her husband to give her quality time.  This was extremely difficult and at times both of them felt highly irritated.

Mr. Mohan had lost his father a few months after he had finished his MBA. At times, he used to think to go back to his hometown and help his elder brother in taking care of his mother and younger sister. His sister was still studying. However, he could not think of making any compromise in his career.

The struggle went on. His mother and elder brother advised him to search for a less demanding job. One day his wife told him that she has got a job in one of the prestigious schools of the city. She wanted to take this job and also to get their son who was studying in Prep., to take admission in this school. Mr. Mohan’s feeling was that life would be more difficult if she takes this job.

Recognize Your Unique Potential

Sit comfortably and write the answers of the questions given below on a piece of paper:

  • What is that work (a meaningful Work) which never makes you tired?
  • In which type of environment you get extra energy to work?
  • Are you comfortable in working with many people or you like to team up with selected few?
  • How comfortable you are with machines?
  • Do people take your opinion while taking important decisions?
  • Are you good in planning and visualizing things?
  • Do you think your presence creates harmony?
  • Are you good in generating resources for implementing a plan?
  • Can you solve others conflicts?
  • Do you prefer to work within the four walls or you like traveling?
  • Are you comfortable in talking to authorities or you prefer your work to speak for you?
  • How good you are in collecting information and analyzing it.


You can add more such questions. On the basis of your answers try to explore and understand yourself deeply. Initially, a person who is excellent in ‘A’ organization may be only average in ‘B’ and not so good in ‘C’. Similarly, initially we can do very well with only particular type of people in our personal relations. However, gradually, we develop competencies which we didn’t have initially and create positive influence at a broader level.

On the basis of the above analysis, make a sketch of your future in such a way that most of the times you would be doing what you are comfortable in or what you are good at.  Do not think of only one or two roles. Think of at least five or six key roles you are playing or would be playing.  Integrate your unique qualities in all these roles simultaneously. Think of your future holistically so that you do not get scattered when you face actual life situations. Let your basic qualities be the foundation of your major decisions. Earning extraordinary money or getting lot of fame or power cannot be the reason of our decisions. They can only be the outcome of the right expression of one’s talent.




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