Theme of the week

Issue XXI(26.06.2011)


The thread that binds us with each other, the thread that makes us different from a beast, the thread that makes us a civilized society, is undergoing a slimming program nowadays. It is getting a cosmetic surgery done to reduce unwanted thickness. After all, modern thread for modern society has to be slim and trim.

We used to be more sensitive and concerned about others. We were so knit with each other that happiness and sorrows of others used to become ours. The thick and strong thread which was tying these knots and used to move us when someone was in trouble, is now becoming thinner and loosening its grip. Why in the world should we be so bothered about what is happening to the person next door! We have enough problems of our own and have absolutely no time to take pains for others. So what if this is weakening our social structure and we as a society are now more vulnerable to any kind of attacks from human and non-human terrorists, such as corruption, crime, cheating, dictatorship, etc.

There was this, another thread that was wrapped around us and used to make us follow certain moral values and ethics. Be sincere, be honest, respect dignity of others, care for less blessed ones, etc. have now been replaced with be opportunist, be cunning, handle others, make use of weakness of others, and so on and so forth. We are not a dumb and fragile group of individuals any more. We are now intelligent, daring, and superior to anyone else.

There was yet another thread that used to force us to focus on the service aspect in our act than the business and commercial advantage of it. Hospitals and schools are now no different than a shopping mall. And why not!!! After all they are also there to make as much money as anyone else can. Human body is not much different than any other material that other establishments deal in. Electronic and print media houses are equally commercialized and making money. They should be the fourth pillar of democracy but they are trying to encourage the lower instincts of human beings which spoil the society like anything. Many members of human society who are on the margin fall to become like an animal whereas the media could have helped in making them a human being.

Then this thread that used to make us live as a joint family where responsibilities were shared among family members very naturally and without any disputes. Children had fun of playing and learning from their grandparents and uncle and aunts, while everyone else too had the benefit of having a sense of someone being there to extend help whenever in trouble. We are in the nuclear family era now. We are independent and can take care of our children on our own. Old aged parents and other relatives have least to do in our family. We have enough money to buy any kind of assistance we require.

But will this weakened thread be really able to bear weight of the society? Will it not break?  These broken strings will completely destroy the structure of our society and we’ll have to live a forced wild life.

Let us save these threads and strings before they are completely destroyed. We need to anticipate the dangers in not being a part of these strong threads that tie us. We need to save our children and their children .. from living an impossible life.  Is it not true that our forefathers took care of these threads and that is the reason we enjoy (SOME) respect, sense of fulfillment and physical safety. Many of our brothers and sisters are suffering terribly even today. If we don’t pay attention to our role as a citizen and as a member of society, is it not true that the number of socially, morally and physically unsafe and unhappy people would multiply like anything? Would it not be a total dishonesty towards our own  children?

If you are sincere in your role as a parent, do something extra everyday to strengthen the thread which ties all human beings together and live a life to be a role model for your children so that they also take care of the threads which you knit for the society. Let us sow the seeds of a healthier society.

We thank you in anticipation…!