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Issue LVI (26.02.2012)

The Root Cause of Helplessness

Each one of us sometime or the other feels helpless. It seems that we are not able to control something which we want. Someone else seems to be controlling things or we feel that we are facing a bad time.

However, one interesting secret here is that the real reason behind the feeling of helplessness is not the external situation or some other person or our luck. According to some psychological theories, we feel helpless because the feeling of helplessness is buried deep within us. At the time of birth, it is believed, a person undergoes an acute feeling of helplessness. He or she feels totally unprotected and finds himself into a totally unfamiliar situation. This feeling of helplessness gets registered physically in our brain and gets replayed whenever we are in an uncertain or unfamiliar situation or we are not comfortable with whatever happens to us.

A deeper explanation to this feeling is that the moment we take birth as a human being, we forget our actual connection with the Creator.  This creates a feeling of void or uncertainty within us. However, some people who are able to realise the connection of human life with the Creator through their spiritual maturity are generally not perturbed with the feeling of helplessness, anger or depression.

Whatever may be the source, the fact that this negative feeling comes from within us and there is no use in getting angry at someone or expecting a favour from someone as a reaction, is quite reassuring. Whenever we feel low, the only way to manage ourselves is to realise that we are part of a bigger system, a system which is governed by a bigger power. We should understand that God or our Creator would take care of us provided we do not disturb his channels to get connected to us.
At the worldly level also, we are all part of a system. We are part of a family, a social network, an organization, a country and the whole humanity. By understanding our role in all these systems and by enriching these roles, we get a solid Earth to stand upon and the feeling of helplessness does not touch us.

Another way to get relief from this feeling is to search our hidden qualities and put them into use for a cause or to create something meaningful.  By doing this we can feel an inner power within us.  A deeper level of truth, perhaps is that God has made us to be a channel to serve a cause. By not refusing to do the same, we open the path to His blessings. And the most important part of it is that our strengths and our virtues are His channel to reach us, to take care of us. In order to enjoy sense of power and uninterrupted joy, we should get established in our virtues.

There are two most important events of our life – the birth and the death. The feeling of helplessness sprouts out of the realization that we are not able to control these two events. The knowledge of these two events tells us about our permanent connections – about the absolute truth. Just as a small child feels safe when he gets hold of even a corner of his mother’s dress, similarly, we feel secure even if we get a glimpse of the absolute truth.

SO, next time whenever we feel helpless, we should stop ourselves from finding a reason outside us. We should focus on our ignorance and get closer to the real knowledge as Swami Vivekanand said:
“Whenever you feel hurt, remind yourself that there is something you have not understood”.

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