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Issue XLVI (25.12.2011)

Dealing with Other's Aggression

There is a famous anecdote of a Baya (a bird who makes very beautiful and organized nests) and a Monkey. Once the Baya was sitting on the branch of a tree where she had made a nest. A monkey used to frequently visit that tree. Baya often saw him suffering whenever there was rain while she herself was safe in her cozy home. One day she advised the monkey to make a house for himself. The monkey got angry at a little bird advising him and in reaction, he destroyed her nest.

When a person we are talking to or we are working with has a positive bent of mind, it becomes very easy to  continue, whether it is a simple communication, a work to be done jointly or a long term relationship. However, things become difficult when someone has a negative bent of mind. Giving a simple advice to such people does not help. The result may be something like what happened in the story of Baya and the Monkey.

Whenever we communicate with another human being or with even a tree or a river or a mountain, the frequencies of both get exchanged. The person or the object we communicate with sends some vibrations towards us – positive or negative. If the vibrations are positive, they have a cooling effect or an inspiring effect. If the vibrations are negative, it may disturb our sense of comfort unless our own vibrations are stronger and have a cooling effect on the other person.

Thus, in order to Successfully deal with people having disturbed emotions or aggressive temperament – we need to have a stronger positive Aura which comes with faith in self, moral courage, and deeper understanding of small things in life.

Gautam Buddha was successful in converting Aungulimal (a dreadful criminal who loved to kill human beings and made a garland of their fingers) into an angel like person – full of compassion and serving attitude.  Most of the people who have an aggressive temperament are not like Aungulimal. They are simply not able to take negative experiences of life as learning experiences and react negatively. As long as we do not develop enough faith on the strength of our own positivity, we can use some external “antibiotic” – an external aid or support system to save ourselves from getting hurt or getting aggressive.  One’s devotion to work, a mission in life, deep love for Nature or all creatures or Faith in the Creator are some powerful aids which save us from negative vibrations of others. In any case, we should consciously save ourselves from feeling hurt or from feeling angry, so that the negative frequencies of the other person do not  come to us and make us weak from within.

We can simply continue to respond with patience and take everything as a learning experience. This would have a demonstrative effect in the long term and would help us in building a positive image. Once we build a strong positive image, the image speaks and people think twice before hurting us.

The basic condition in this process is that we don’t allow anger and hatred to creep within us so that we continue to feel naturally concerned for all – both for those who are sincere, mature and well composed and for those who have yet to develop some divine qualities which make us truly human.

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