Theme of the week

Issue XXV(24.07.2011)

Seven Golden Principles for Youth

Twenties is a period of a lot of shifts and changes in life. One starts one’s career during this period and takes up new responsibilities at the social front also. Not only this, in order to cope up with new expectations from self and others, everyone takes certain decisions, decides a lifestyle and searches sources of support whenever one faces difficult situations.

Given below are some time-tested thoughts, which have been expressed by those who have faced challenges of life successfully and have earned real respect at various fronts.

1. The first thing to be taken care of is that there should be an integration between work-life and one’s total life which involves –one’s family, social image, inner character and emotional stability. Being strong on all the fronts in the beginning makes everything smooth throughout the life.

2. Make a vision of your total life as clear as possible in the beginning. This will help you in taking crucial decisions at different stages of life. Spend most of our time in contributing both at the family front and in professional life.  If you will work for making a contribution nobody will raise a finger at you.

3. Never bow before temptations and impulses. These not only make us week but also create a wrong image without our knowing about it. Remember, great ideas and positive intentions are crushed at times because of a wrong image.

4. Listen to your inner voice whenever you feel confused or you have to take a crucial decision. If you ignore your inner self you will have problem in facing an interview, attending a meeting, laughing heartily and having a sound sleep.

5. Participate actively in making your country worth living for your whole lifetime and also for future generations. Spend some time with less advantaged people and try to understand the reason their poverty. It’s not simply that they are lethargic. A lot of factors play a role in every situation.

6. The biggest challenge is to manage one’s emotions –one’s impulses and negative emotions like anger envy etc. Anger and impulses not only disturb the balance in the society but they are also a gateway of misfortune in one’s personal life. Whenever you feel angry or impulsive think that you need to understand something more.

7. You do not go after money and fame. Let money, respect and prosperity come to you naturally. Once they start coming they will multiply gradually if you keep on using your intellect in resonance with your moral strength and a feeling of togetherness.

Remember whatever we are enjoying today-the fruits of technology, increasing opportunities of higher education, medical facilities, infrastructure development etc., is a result of what our professionals who are between 30 and 60 today did 20 or 30 years ago when they were taking education and were visualizing their future. Similarly whatever problems we are facing today- corruption, social crimes, terrorism, increasing interpersonal conflicts, etc. are also because something which should have taken a shape among the teenagers and youth 20 or 30 years ago, did not happen. Things were left loose to be spoiled in the hands of complexities of life.

Therefore, it is highly important to pay attention to all aspects of one’s own life as well as those of the society during one’s teenage and young adult-hood so that when you grow up the world is a good place to live in where you can find an opportunity to grow and prosper continuously, where there is peace and innocent people are safe and everyone takes care of others’ self respect.