Theme of the week

Issue XXXVIII (23.10.2011)

Sleepless Network

Author of this issue of the “Theme of the Week”, Ms. Harshil, is a young student of 11th standard. You have read her poems in Guest Articles section of this website.

Teenagers and young adults are late to sleep and late to rise
Thanks to technology

It is 4 am. The roads are empty, filled only with dark shadow and the yap of dogs. Most people toss on their pillows and dream their unknown dream. But for a small section of society, cast in blue glow of the computer screen, this is not the time to sleep. Instead it is time to catch-up with friends, make plans for the next day, watch movies, OR simply "me time".

What a technology? These youngsters spend half of their time on technology rather than spending time with their family, true friends and relatives, playing games or doing exercise or domestic work.

These technologies are inseparable for these youngsters. They are so addicted that they feel limp without them. According to psychologists that surrounding by technology 24*7 overloads youngsters with information and they remain constantly stimulated.

Around two or three decades ago, the moment you enter your home, you lost contact with the world outside your home. Whereas these days it hardly matter whether you are in a plane, in a hospital, or in your bathroom. The virtual network is too irresistible for youngsters to get pulled into it. These people cannot think of sleeping before 2 am.  They feel proud to tell others that "yesterday I slept at 3 am."

Some short term effects of these sleepless nights include loss of appetite, hair fall, poor concentration etc. They could also face long term effects like anxiety, depression, hypertension, obesity, anemia,  aggression, diminished eye sight, etc. Every third person these days wears glasses.  But the tremendous peer pressure that compels the young brigade to appear 'active' on social networking website. You are considered ’uncool’ or ’bahanji’ if you do not know what is in or trending these days. the only way to know is to be the part of the circle: facebook, Gtalk, my cell phone etc.

Some teenagers say that they keep busy through the day, either with studies or extra-curricular activities. So they do not waste any daylight hour on chilling. That is meant for night time when important work is done. Youngsters should think about their future before making their life hazardous.

My suggestion to all is that:

Do not sit on electronic media for more than two hours.

Play games on ground rather than on virtual screen.

Go for outing with relatives, friends and family members.

You can try practicing meditation.

Effect of the electromagnetic field from gadgets on the human brain is still under debate. Even keeping mobile phones near your brain or heart can be damaging.

Keeping balance between work and net can bring happiness in your life. So the age old proverb "early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy wealthy and wise" is not a misnomer but is key to success.

Your Comments

yashira shaikh changing lifestyle and impact on culture

Lak your article is touching. you have reminded the youth the facts. Technology is not a part of life. Technology should be handled with care. I believe the article will help the young community to rethink .

Benson Kenneth Hello friends I love what you are doing

Vicky Klopp Overnight awakeness is not necessarily bad. The danger, as you point out, is someone becomng obsessed by technology, as if that is really living. The world does need night time people to staff our hospitals and other critcal 24 hour endeavors. What the world does not need is a generation of youngsters who believe that technology is an answer to their life's quest...not mearly an asset.

a reader Well said Jims, why should computers and mobile phones be any exception. After all they are also machines. They should also add to our dependency on machine and making us slaves.

Jims Technology always finds its critics out there but it doesn’t stop still. Calculators, radio, TV, fridge, dish washer, cars, jets, air-conditioners are all examples. Why should computers and mobile phones be any exception. Dust will settle down soon.

eruoeut898 A good article. Computers and other gadgets are gradually taking us away from family and social life. Image of a young teenager today is that of a guy or gal with long careless hair, haphazard funky outfit, grownup beard and earphones or Bluetooth adapter in ear! They feel, these gadgets are helping them keeping in touch with friends but least do they realize that gadgets are actually restricting them to meet face-to-face and share feelings. A limit has to be imposed at some stage. I'm sure youngsters will soon realize the damage technology is doing to them. We should govern the technology and not the other way around.

_Echo helpful can I copy and paste it to my blog?

Sunny Harshil, in her article "Sleepless Network" has shown light on the uses n misuses of electronic devises. Certainly this sleep cycle shifts the person towards antisocial temperament. They update themselves with latest knowledge, living just like a paying guest in the family. Aloof n unaware of family matters. Insensitive towards relatives, neighbours n friends. Sometimes they live in the world of fantacy,or imaginary world, far from the realistic things. thanks to miss Harshil for awakening them.

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