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Issue LXXVII (22.07.2012)

I am a Blessing or a Curse!


Family of Dhananjay was feeling relieved. Authorities had finally accepted their plea and approved the compensation of 5 lakh rupees. Dhananjay was in the same train that collided with derailed bogies of a goods train near Kanpur, last month. Quite a few passengers had died and over hundred were injured. Government had announced compensation of 5 lakhs to next to kin, for those who had died in the accident and one lakh for those who were injured seriously. Dhananjay was untraceable… His body was not found among the dead ones but there was no evidence of his escape either. His family had claimed that he is dead too and had claimed for the compensation.

Dhananjay was always reluctant of taking responsibilities, never really wanted to go out and struggle to earn bread for the family. His wife had no option but to take charge of financial necessities of the family too. Inner guilt had made Dhananjay violent as well. He used to get abusive and violent instantly, should somebody try to advise him or oppose him. His wife and children were having a tough time.

Dhananjay’s parents finally managed to convince him to go for a job interview in Kanpur. He was on his way when the train tragedy took place. Today the request for compensation was accepted and family was in a way happy for this. Finally, Dhananjay was able to give some relief to the family.

Compensation cheque was to be handed over after two days when the doorbell rang that evening. Dhananjay’s wife opened the door….. it was Dhananjay standing at the door…. His wife didn’t know how should she react!! Should she feel happy for her husband?

Dhananjay narrated what he had gone through during past one month. He was picked by nearby villagers who had reached the accident spot to help victims. Dhananjay was unconscious due to an injury on his head. Two days later when he came out of blackout, he found himself surrounded by villagers… In a fraction of second he decided to take best advantage of the hospitality. Away from the stress and liabilities of home, this was a wonderful opportunity for him to spend some days as guest. He thoroughly enjoyed the generosity for almost a month and finally  decided to return home.

Dhananjay’s wife was in a fix… Her husband had returned but she had lost the opportunity of getting 5 lakh rupees that meant a lot for her family. Dhananjay had now decided that he will not take any chance in future.

The return of Dhananjay in this story was a blessing or a curse. Perhaps the perspectives of his wife, his children, the society at large and Dhananjay himself would be different. But somewhere each one of us has to think – are we a blessing or a curse to the society, to our family and to ourselves.

While accepting the hospitality of villagers for one full month and not caring about his family, Dhananjay once again gave a message to himself that he is not capable enough to earn happiness and comfort for himself. He constantly needs others to make him happy and comfortable. By grabbing the opportunity to enjoy on others’ cost, he once again proved that the moment others stop caring for him, he will be helpless.

Somewhere each one of us should think, what makes us happy and comfortable –  contributing for others or taking from others. When we pay more attention to our duties and contributions, it gives us a constant reassurance that we are self-sufficient. That come what may – nothing in life can stop us from being happy – nothing can stop us from getting others’ love and respect.

Another aspect of this issue is – when we invest in others’ life, it increases our area of influence. Being a human being - our ultimate need is to feel that we have the power to influence others and to influence the events of our life. None of us can enjoy the feeling of powerlessness.

Just think…… what your family and society and you yourself will feel when you adieu! Would you like to go feeling powerless. Or would you like to have a satisfaction while going that you have done something significant before leaving. That you are someone others would really miss when you are not there!.

Your Comments

anita the key point is to keep yourself useful to the family and society.this is the best way to get love and respect

Salil Superb story and equally wonderful explanation. Keep it up.

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