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Issue XVI(22.05.2011)


Let Life Unfold Itself like a Rose

Life unfolds itself like a rose if we follow the rules of nature to live!

Knowing what we want is the most difficult thing in one’s life. A person thinks he or she needs success and prosperity. When he gets it he is equally unhappy as he was earlier. A person may think he wants to be happy – just enjoy life. He really enjoys but at the end finds he has wasted his life. Someone may want to become a prime-minister but later may repent why he came into politics at all.

The secret is, its not enough to think what we want from life. Rather, we need to live honestly, taking life with full enthusiasm; thinking about its every aspect sincerely and taking its full charge. Once we do that, Life unfolds itself and what it gives in return is unbelievable. The highly successful people are those who first understood their life and made their own lifestyle based on certain principles.

Life style brings inner changes which make the process of change and success in worldly life smooth. The life style of two individuals cannot be the same. Our nature of profession, other life situations, interests and general health etc affect the life style. However, there are a few common threads which can provide guidance to each and everyone while forming their lifestyle. The best way to have a healthy and balanced life style is to live every moment of life consciously in such a way that whatever we do leads to:

  • Good physical and mental health;
  • Emotional stability;
  • Concern for all;
  • A happy and positive future;
  • Optimum utilization and expression of our hidden qualities; and
  • Positive fruitful relationships in every arena of life.

There are a few common threads which can provide guidance to each and everyone while forming their lifestyle.

  • Cleansing: This includes cleansing of unwanted chemical deposits and hormonal changes which take place during various experiences. Just as we get our vehicles serviced, our inner cleansing is also a must. Walking, observing silence, deep breathing, deep relaxation, observing fast etc. are some of the ways to get yourself cleansed:
  • Inputs in day-to-day life: whatever we take through our five senses or whatever our mind notices from morning till evening continuously affects us. Therefore, we should be cautious to take in only positive inputs. For instance,
  1. Avoid fast food, non-vegetarian and spicy fried food.
  2. Set maximum hours of watching TV in a week. Ideally, it should not be more than 4-5 hours. Watch only positive, meaningful or comedy programmes having a healthy touch of humor.
  3. Make your interactions as smooth as possible. If a clash is inevitable, maintain silence for some time.
  4. Be away for some time if someone is talking negatively about a third person without any reason.
  • Always strive for a balance:  Life always has many dimensions. Giving too much attention to a particular dimension on the cost of some other necessity makes life skewed and imbalanced which results in ill health, clashes in relationships, or any other problem depending on what is being neglected. Consider the following suggestions.
  1. Always ensure the time you spend with the family is a quality time.
  2. Children should not be forced to go to cretch homes or live with baby sitters just to allow their mother to fulfill her desires. Giving the right upbringing to our children and making them a good human being is more important.
  3. Financial needs and responsibilities should be calculated properly and accordingly right decisions should be taken at the right time.
  4. Everyone should give enough time to oneself every morning and evening.
  • Exploring inner energy and potential: We all are bestowed with immense potential, qualities and energy. Most of our power is latent and needs to be tapped from time to time. Consider the following :
  1. Take a challenge consciously if you are not already overloaded
  2. Decide to learn something new continuously which makes you more skillful and more mature.
  3. Never develop dependence. Work towards interdependence.
  4. Choose a profession which gives you an opportunity to express your natural qualities and take every responsibility with full enthusiasm.
  • Developing a philosophy of life: Those who develop a philosophy of life based on certain principles lead a peaceful life. However, those who believe only in show and are never ready to make any sacrifices for their principles generally remain confused.  We can learn philosophy of life from those who have been highly successful.
  • Chain of command: Whatever we do during a day is influenced by our mind, our body, our heart and our soul. All the four are not active simultaneously. However, one of them is in command at a time and affects the other. For instance, if the body is tired, it gives a message to the mind and mind finds out ways to avoid a work. If the heart is full of compassion, it gives instruction to the mind and mind makes the body active to help the other.  When mind sees something interesting which is going to happen in the school or office, it makes the body wake up quite early and get ready in no time. But when everything seems to be boring, the body feels sleepy. When the soul is in command, it instructs the mind to feel committed and to find out ways to fulfill one’s responsibilities even if the heart is filled with pain or hurt. Thus, at least at the time of taking a decision or doing important activities, the soul should be in command giving instructions to heart, mind and body. When the chain of command gets reversed, it leads to poverty and disease. When it is disturbed, it leads to confusion or conflicts.                                          

Chain of Command



Soul – Heart – Mind – Body

Harmony and Success


Body – Mind – Heart – Soul

Lethargy, Poverty, Disease


Mind - Body – Heart – Soul

Confusion, Conflicts


Heart – Mind – Body - Soul

Confusion, Feeling of Hurt

Therefore, we should keep the soul in command even if we are sick or hurt or suffering from financial crunch. Consider the following to maintain right chain of command:

  1. Read a good book related to human life.
  2. Meditate early in the morning or in the evening fifteen to thirty minutes before dinner. If you have deep faith in your deity, worship and pray. Keep the time and place for meditation or worship same as far as possible.
  3. Never be too harsh with a child, with a sick or physically challenged person, with an old person or with a very poor person.

To take maximum benefit from a balanced life style, it is better if we pay attention to it as early in life as possible. If we delay this process it is possible that we are needed to pay bigger costs to rise in life. When we pay attention to our lifestyle, we start learning what life is. We develop a true respect for ourselves. If we start learning at an early age, we would be happy and highly successful throughout life

Try These Positively:

  • Never be too angry or too harsh on anyone. It weakens our inner bank account which generates everything for us including the financial bank account and the respect and acceptance we want from others.
  • Do one of these before going to bed daily for at least fifteen minutes
    • reading a good book;
    • introspection and prayer;
    • walk in silence
    • listening to healing soothing music having a touch of faith.
  • Do one of these just after waking up daily for at least fifteen minutes:
    • exercise and meditation;
    • prayer;
    • walk in silence and be in touch with nature
    • gardening
  • Do not read a newspaper or watch T.V. for at least 30 minutes after you wake up. As far as possible, wake up before sunrise.


We have launched a special feature on lifestyle management wherein we’ll publish interviews of highly successful people. In the first issue of this feature, an interview with  Shri M.L.Mehta (former Chief Secretary of Rajasthan) is being published. A lot can be learnt from his life.

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