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Issue LI (22.01.2012)

Music does Miracles

Music has the power of touching our innermost senses and tapping our parts like nothing else can. It works like a magic and swiftly changes our mood from sad to cheerful. Music can be energizing, relaxing, healing, inspiring, motivating, and it can also be provoking, frustrating, aggravating, and irritating. It can help us change our state of emotions and can also help in maintaining it. Music is a wonderful tool to manage our emotions and keep us fit, physically and emotionally.
In different states, we appreciate different type of music. Selecting the right music is important. In most of the cases we end up selecting a music which goes with our current state, while researchers claim that it should be the other way around, specially, when we want it to influence our emotions. When in depression or a sad mood, we generally prefer sentimental and soothing music, but such music only further strengthens the depression. We should prefer motivating and energizing music in such states. On the contrary, when we are in aggressive mood and want to relax, we should prefer slow and lulling music. When in a happy state already and just want to maintain it, bubbly music should be the right choice.
Some experts of the subject claim that if we want to use music as a therapy to change our state of emotions, we should do it in a series that takes us gradually from current state to the desired state. The process should start with the music that matches our current mood, followed by a neutral composition and then something that takes us to the state that we eventually wanted to achieve. For example, if we are in an aggressive state and want to cool down. We may start with a fast and loud composition that suits the current mood, followed by a neutral rhythmic composition and lastly a soothing and slow music in low volume.
Music is not necessarily instrumental or vocal always. Some natural sound also work magic for us and prove to be much more effective then instrumental or vocal music. Sound or rain, thunder, ocean waves, swiftly blowing air through trees, sound of bells…. each has a significant impact on us. Silence itself is a wonderful piece of music and helps relaxing like any other music.
Music has an ability to speak to us deeply without any language. Whether we understand it or not, music does its job. Music is universal and has no language. It is something to feel and absorb within. You don’t really have to be a musician in order to enjoy the music.
Background or Foreground
Generally, we keep music as something in background while doing something else. This is fine when music is meant to maintain our current state. When I am cheerful and want to continue like this, a bubbly music in background is fine. But, if I want music to be more effective and help releasing my stress or change my mood, I should bring music in the foreground and should focus my attention on it. Listen carefully and enjoy the beats and rhythm.
Earphone or Speakers
Why should only ears have the fun of listening to the music! Let all the cells of our body enjoy it! Let entire body feel the magic of music and enjoy it. Earphone is fine when you are in a public place and do not want to disturb others, but when you are at home, speakers is the better way of enjoying music. Many researches have also proved that excessive use of earphones may also damage our listening abilities.

So, a combination of right music in right mode and method can do wonders. Let us enjoy the magic and use music as a tool to manage our emotions.
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