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Truth is Like a Ball of Cricket


Truth is like a ball of cricket and we all are fielders. Whatever happens from morning to evening in our day to day life is an indicator of some truth or reality. It depends on a person to what extent he or she is able to catch it or assimilate it.

A ball cannot see itself. Similarly when we are part of a situation, it becomes difficult for us to look at the reality. As long as we behave like an intimate object like a ball, truth remains away from us. However, when we open our third eye and tap our consciousness, the reality makes itself self-evident.

The day to day events are not the absolute truth, they just indicate some deeper levels of reality. Someone is good in studies, someone is not serious about his studies, someone does not work harder, while another is a workaholic, someone got a promotion while someone had to lose a job, etc. etc. just indicate something deeper. When we simply react to what happens outside, we stop ourselves from reaching the deeper layers of truth and in the process the ball slips from our hands and we drop the catch. The ball makes a fourer or sixer for the opposite party. In human life the opposite party is problems, complexities and struggles of life. The more catches we drop, the greater is the score of problems and struggles.

The knowledge of deeper reality enables us to solve a problem. This gives us a lot of power and courage. And those who have courage are able to take a pause to assimilate the truth or catch the ball. Thus, truth leads to power and power leads to truth. The ultimate struggle or objective of human life is getting rid of the feeling of helplessness and collect enough power to control one’s life events. This simply needs us to practice how to keep the track of What is What. We should not get confused by what is visible outside. Rather, we can win the match of life by reading the underlying deep reality. Once we reach that point, we stop making choices. Truth is a single statement which does not have options. 

Truth gives us freedom from fears, anxiety, grudges, guilt, self-doubt, criticism or anger.  As Swami Vivekanand said, if any of these feelings or thoughts overpower us, it means we have not understood the reality in all its aspects.  Once we take a catch, the batsman is out. Once we understand TOTAL REALITY, we do not see anything as a problem in life.


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