Theme of the week

Issue XXIX(21.08.2011)

We - the People of India

Both the rulers and the public need a total paradigm shift today.

On the part of the rulers, it is time for them to realize that it is the power of the soul and not the power of the chair which gives real power to any administrator or any politician. Only those leaders who are or have been in touch with their soul have been able to influence the masses. The famous kings of past who were known for their love for justice should be taken as Role Models by our present rulers. They should realize that ultimately, they are also part of the public. Public has always been at the higher pedestal. Even Raja Ram showed his respect for views coming from public and sent Rani Seeta to an Ashram though he knew internally that Seeta was innocent.

Earlier, when kings ruled the country, the public looked at them as Providers. This attitude is continued even today though the kings are missing. In the present democratic system, public should take the role of a leader instead of playing the role of those being ruled over.

We should realize that we need our constitution, the system and the rules and should take care that no one breaks the system though, at times, breaking a rule may seem to be giving a favour to us. The famous teaching of our scriptures that only God can be the true “Provider” should be our guiding force. We should all take the charge of this country just like a trustee.

So, let us take active steps for the economic, social, moral and cultural upliftment of our country. This is a Herculean task but it is not more challenging than the sacrifices made by thousands of Indians during Independence struggle. We have to continue the task which those noble souls have left for us – the inner development of our country.

If the public does not feel responsible, we will have to prepare ourselves to live in a economically imbalanced, socially and culturally shattered country. So the better option is taking up the responsibility. We cannot leave the task of saving this country in the hands of handful of rulers and social reformers. The rulers and reformers would change. But the public is a constant phenomenon.

Only Mahatma Gandhi cannot play the role of a Father for such a big country. Let all the People of India care for this country like a parent. Parents always think sincerely and are ready to make sacrifices for their children. Let us sit and reflect with a feeling of dedication, be authentic in our dealings with everyone and make small sacrifices to make India one of the most respectable and developed (economically, morally and culturally) countries.