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Issue LXVIII (20.05.2012)

Our Personality is Reflection of our Subconscious Mind

How we react in a given situation largely depend on how our subconscious mind is programmed for it. Our subconscious mind is like a secondary storage where all our learning, experiences, memories, skills and situations are archived. Unconsciously we use them while in similar situation.
Any new learning is first stored in our conscious mind and as we get expert and habitual of it, it becomes part of our subconscious mind and we use it automatically without special effort. When we learn any new skill, driving, swimming, walking…. It is first saved in our conscious mind. We are conscious during driving a car while we are still learning. We avoid any conversation with co-passengers, avoid listening to music, avoid attending a call over cell phone…..but after a while, when we become habitual…. Changing of gear, pressure on exhilarator, use of breaks and clutch paddle, control on steering wheel…becomes a no-effort activity, this skill is shifted from conscious mind to subconscious mind.
Personality of a being is reflection of what has been stored in subconscious mind. Whatever we learn throughout the life…standing on our feet, walking, driving, swimming, smiling, crying, habits, beliefs, skills, emotions…, everything put together forms our personality. We are what our subconscious has in it. Our childhood teachers and heroes have a great influence on our personality. What we see and learn during the childhood, remain in our subconscious mind and unknowingly governs our behaviour. While some remain governed by the childhood learning, some update them and learn to control them as they grow.
Science has not been able to locate the exact location of conscious and subconscious mind in our body, but we do have an autonomic and a voluntary nervous system. Autonomous nervous system deals with the natural and stored reflexes while Voluntary one deals with recently learnt skills and new situations. Once learning becomes habit and shifted to subconscious mind, next time reactions to similar situations occur automatically.
While changing the conscious mind is simple, but most difficult for subconscious mind or autonomous nervous system. One has to change his beliefs in order to change his subconscious. You have to believe that you can remain happy no matter what. On the contrary, you will never feel happy if your subconscious is programmed like that. Some face all challenges with smile on face while some remain frowned even in best of situations.

Understand your subconscious mind and change if necessary in order to enjoy the colours of life.


Your Comments

saurabh rawat sir, i want to know how we enter in other person mind and solve issue.

Editor Changes in subconscious mind have to route through the conscious mind always. Subconscious is kind of cache memory in computers. We do not directly write there but the system keeps refreshing it based on requirements. Similarly, when we learn or experience a new skill, it gets stored in the conscious mind…. If we use it regularly, it becomes a routing and moves to the subconscious mind. Subconscious mind then responds effortlessly in similar situation next time. In order to bring a positive change in the subconscious, the following ideas may be of use: • We should consciously see that whatever we Take In from morning to evening in terms of our interactions, the book we read, the news items we read in a news-paper, the T.V. programmes we watch, the food we eat and – most important of all – our autosuggestions (what we think during the day for ourselves and for our life) should be such that they generate a positive energy and lead us to a meaningful direction. • When we want to update our subconscious mind, we first have to erase existing contents. The way we get our vehicles serviced so that the carbon deposited on its various parts gets removed, we should help our sub-conscious mind in getting rid of negative energy stored in it which reflects itself in terms of negative thoughts and feelings whenever we allow the sub-conscious mind to be active. Being with Nature in silence, reading a highly inspirational write-up or book, experiencing devotion to God, serving someone with devotion, practicing Pranayam and Meditation, listening to soft and soothing music for some time (especially the mantras of Upnishad composed in soft music), playing a game with perfection without having a hope to win or fear to lose – are some ways to get our mind serviced. We should adopt one or two such practices and make them a habit. • The most powerful way to manage our subconscious mind is to feel totally responsible for whatever our mind experiences. Whether we feel happy and at peace or whether we feel angry or confused – it is because of ME only – not because of someone else. The fact is that whatever happens outside only puts our sub-conscious mind into action. It starts reflecting whatever is stored within it and has been hooked. There are some people who rarely get angry because not much anger is stored in their sub-conscious mind. • A deep knowledge of human nature helps us in changing the contents of our sub-conscious mind. When a person starts understanding – a lot of negativity stored in the sub-conscious mind starts vanishing. • A power to control sub-conscious mind is more important than changing it. We should always strengthen our Will Power. It helps us in doing what our conscious mind wants us to do – not allowing the sub-conscious to interfere. For instance, if we want to read a chapter from our book and the sub-conscious mind is asking us to argue with someone because of some anger boiling inside, a person with strong will power will not indulge into argument and would read his chapter with good concentration. Please also read TOW dated 20th March, 2011 on http://tow_20032011.html

ujjwal saha respected sir/madam i want to know how to change this sub-conscious mind ??

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