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Issue VII (20.03.2011)

Power of Tranquility of Mind


One who is not disturbed in mind even amidst the threefold miseries or elated when there is happiness, and who is free from attachment, fear and anger, is called a sage of steady mind.’

                               Geeta  2.56


Mind is one of the greatest blessings which has been bestowed upon mankind.  Human mind has tremendous potential. A layer of lot of thoughts and feelings which are accumulated in the course of day-to-day life covers the knowledge and insights lying deep within the mind. According to our scriptures, a person can attain perfection if he performs all his actions with tranquility of mind. The secret of the development of a human being lies in the perfection of mind. When human mind is purified, it develops the intuitive power of a person. This not only helps in taking right decisions but also gives a deep sense of comfort in human relationships.
According to Stephen Covey, when a person takes the decision of developing himself, he should first concentrate on his inner self. When he performs, the inside comes out. The instrument which reflects the inner self of a human being is the Mind. The source of happiness, peace and joy also lies in the mind itself. When left to himself a person can be in total peace provided he is able to control his subconscious mind which is a continuous source of disturbance.
Indicators of Purity of Mind
The mind reflects itself in terms of thoughts, feelings, and styles of working and of handling interpersonal interactions. The first step to enhance or enrich the mind is to look at the indicators of purity and impurity. The table below gives a detailed description:

Areas of Indication

Indicators of Purity

Indicators of Confusion


Planning; Positive Goal Setting; Problem Solving

Brooding on Problems; Finding faults


Hope, Faith, Joy, Empathy, Tolerance, Compassion

Depression, Anger, Irritation, Apathy

Style of Working

Concentration on task; Proactive decision Making

Constant diversions; Waiting for orders; Reacting

Style of Handling Interactions

Relating With Others; Clear Communication;
Harmony, Appreciation

Establishing Power or Being Non-assertive;
Conflicts; Criticism

Dominance of Trigunas

Sattwa and Sattwic Rajas are high

Tamas and Tamasic Rajas and Tamasic Sattwa are high

Enrichment of Mind
A person should make efforts to rise from animal instincts to human qualities and from human qualities to divine strength. In other words, a person should master his subconscious mind which is full of confusion, develop his consciousness which leads to intelligence and be in constant touch with super consciousness which is source of intuition, illumination, wisdom and strength. Consider the following ways to enhance the purity of mind:
Sattwa as the Master

Sattwa should be made the master to govern each action. It keeps a person free from unnecessary negative emotions and thoughts which put a lot of burden on the mind. Sattwic thoughts and feelings are an asset whereas Rajasic and Tamasic thoughts and feelings are a liability on human mind. Cultivating and practicing sattwa is one of the best strategies to manage stress.
Brain stilling

A completely still mind can be in touch with the super conscious intelligence, which is the source of deep wisdom and self confidence. During meditation, mind reaches the stage of stillness. However, developing a habit of being in silence for some time everyday can also help.
Brain stilling can help tremendously before taking important decisions.
Nonattachment with Devotion

Getting worried about the returns is one of the greatest sources of turmoil. If a person is able to concentrate fully on the purpose of a task while performing it and keep his mind free of the thought of rewards or returns for himself, he is able to keep the purity and power of his mind intact.
Self Actualization Instead of Career Management
The best way to manage one’s work life is to identify one’s unique potential and develop oneself to express it meaningfully at the right place. This helps a person in leading oneself on the path of self-actualization. On the other hand, if a person becomes ambitious without linking his career plans with his actual qualities, he is bound to become vulnerable to lot of stress.
Practicing positive Emotions
Negative emotions attack the mind and get expressed spontaneously while positive emotions are to be practiced consciously. Positive emotions generate a lot of life energy and keep the mind full of enthusiasm.
Nourishment of mind

Books full of wisdom, soothing music, interaction with emotionally stable people and selfless service to others are some examples of activities which provide nourishment to mind.
From Executive Self to Witness Self

Most of the times, human mind is busy about thinking of the work which a person is engaged in or about some other person or situation. However, the mind also has a capacity to think about and observe one’s own thoughts and at the same time evaluate them. This concept is known as “Sakshi Bhav”. The ability to be a witness of oneself without getting attached to one’s thoughts helps a person in being away from worries, anger and all such negative emotions.

Human mind gets covered with a lot of dust of number of memories and emotions. However, if it is able to experience some moments of complete freedom from any kind of thoughts, the mind experiences tremendous sense of peace and bliss and gets a lot of insights during such moments of meditation.*

* Meditation should be done with proper guidance only.

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