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Issue LV (19.02.2012)

Do Your Interaction Create Energy

Each one of us interacts with others from morning till the time we go to bed every day. We interact with our children, spouse, other family members, colleagues, servant, neighbors, etc., etc. We also indirectly connect ourselves with God and with many others through our thoughts.
What is the role of these interactions in our life? Are they the same every day? Is everyone the same in his or her interactions? Do our interactions have any role to play in what we get in life in terms of the degree of prosperity we enjoy, the type of spouse we get, the respect we get from others and ultimately, the size and quality of our area of influence over others?
At some point of life, each one of us searches the answers of these questions. Ultimately, everyone concludes that the way we interact with others is an important issue to be taken care of. When we take full charge of the quality and outcome of our interactions, life becomes smooth and promising. If we leave the responsibility in others’ hands, it may take us 20 years in getting what we could get in 10 years or less. At times, people suffer from irrecoverable loss in terms of relationship or respect because they thought that someone else is more responsible for making their communication smooth.
The first and foremost lesson to be learnt in life, therefore, is that if we want to lead a successful life which brings us prosperity, respect and happiness, we will have to take full responsibility of the quality of our interactions. Given below are some Golden principles of communication which people have suggested time and again:

  1. Start Afresh. Every morning we should start our relationships afresh leaving all the grudges or negative feelings. However, the positive feelings and intentions should be carried forward.

  2. We should ensure that our each and every interaction leads to the fulfillment of its actual purpose, whether it is working together on a project, finalizing a business deal, taking a crucial decision jointly or merely to relax. Moreover, the interaction should be such that it creates harmony and a better level of understanding.

  3. We should take a pause before reacting. It gives us time to think what is the need of the situation. Moreover, if we or someone else is feeling irritated or angry, it gives us time to relax a bit.

  4. We should keep ourselves away from arguments and anger. Whenever any of these seems to attack us, we should go into Silence for some time.

  5. There is no alternative to Self-control in any interaction. We should continuously increase our will power to be in full command of our words as well as intentions.

  6. We should always check whether our interactions generate energy for ourselves as well as for others. When we talk to someone, do we leave him more enthusiastic, positive and determined or do we leave him feeling irritated, depressed or confused. If we look at our social network and think of those people whom others respect a lot, these people are generally able to inspire others and radiate a positive energy around them wherever they go.

  7. Communication does not merely involve words. Our actions and our thoughts also get reflected. People look at us in totality. The same words coming from two different persons can carry totally different meaning. People respond to the person and not to his words.

  8. When we interact with someone, the way he or she interprets our words or the degree to which he or she trusts us depends on the Aura we reflect. The less is the dirt on our soul in terms of irrelevant thoughts and feelings, the more attractive and influential is our Aura.

  9. If we have a mission or a positive goal in life and we are determined to achieve it, it brings a difference in how our words are interpreted.

  10. We should be a good conductor of positive thoughts and feelings but a bad conductor for the negative ones. If something negative comes to us in the form of what someone says or what we see on T.V. or read in the newspaper, we should mentally or physically close our mind from its negative element and should not spread it further. However, we should always spread the positive things.

To conclude, therefore, if we want to lead a successful as well as respectable life, we should feel totally responsible for making our interactions fruitful by way of working with our thoughts, feelings and intentions. We should make it a point that our every interaction is a source of energy and inspiration to others.

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eruoeut898 A Good conductor of Positives and Bad conductor for Negatives!! wonderful. I think this one line summarizes everything. Practicing a Pause before reacting is also good idea. Let me see if I can practice this really!! A good article from jyotikalash, as always. Keep it up.

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