Theme of the week

Issue XLVI(18.12.2011)

Confession Heals

What is Confession?
Confession is like a wiper that washes away the dirt of our misdeeds and sins and cleans our soul. It is like a medicine applied on the wounds on our soul. Confession heals these wounds and makes us feel light and relieved.  Confession is accepting our mistakes and telling it forthrightly to all who should hear it.
As per Roman Catholic Church dictionary, “Confession is the act of a penitent disclosing his sinfulness before a priest in the sacrament of penance in the hope of absolution”.
Confession, by no means is accepting defeat! It is not a symbol of weakness… rather confessing our mistakes requires lot of courage and determination.

When should I Confess!
No sooner do I realize my mistake, I should confess it. Realization of our mistake is same as diagnosis of a disease in our body. When I am diagnosed for a disease, any delay in its treatment will only intensify the problem. If you leave a wound unattended for long, it may catch infection and treatment then may take longer and at times, too late. Treatment after complete collapse brings no glory. So, if you realize that you have committed a mistake, don’t wait… confess immediately.

Confess to whom?
There is a luxury in self- reproach. When we blame ourselves, we feel that no one else has a right to blame us. It is the confession, not the priest that gives us absolution – Oscar Wilde.
Confession can be made to three different individuals. First, to those who are the sufferers of our mistake. If I realize that I have done some injustice to my spouse, I should confess it to him or her only. When we confess to the person himself, we give him an opportunity to forgive and start afresh.
We can alternatively confess to a third person whom we trust and who can be influential to heal up. Ideally this person should be known to both the parties. He may then act as a bridge between the two and encourage both to forgive each other.
If first and second options are difficult, we can look for confession to god or priest or to our own self. This alternate may not offer an immediate visible healing mechanism as such, but realization of our mistakes itself is half the burden released. We feel relieved when we confess our mistakes to anyone.
In technologically advanced era today, there are electronic modes of confessions also available. We may confess online using confession options given by different websites, on world wide web. By the way, this website (jyotikalash.net) also offers you a mechanism for online confession with a commitment for non-disclosure to anyone. But we recommend online confession to be used as your last option. If you can not avail any other mode or you are too afraid, you may opt for this. Least impressive, but online confession will also offer you some relief.

Mahatma Gandhi once said “Confession of errors is like a broom which sweeps away the dirt and leaves the surface brighter and clearer. I feel stronger for confession.”