Theme of the week

Issue XXXIII (18.09.2011)

Converting Venom into Nectar

We are caught up in the midst of a strange situation. The biological population of men, women, boys & girls is much higher than the population of human beings. Only those who have an ability to convert venom into nectar, those who can see and build upon the positive aspect of every negative situation are human beings in a true sense.
What is happening these days is that, everyone wants nectar, a true happiness and peace of mind. But practically many people are engaged in converting nectar to venom by way of bringing artificiality, superficiality and manipulations in relationships. Their action does not match with their wishes. The stock of nectar is falling short day by day and the stock of venom is increasing. The result is frustration, stress, adversity, uncertainty, diseases and crimes spreading all around.
The only way to live in a peaceful country with an effective justice, law & order is increasing the ability of people to be Authentic. Authenticity makes us capable of converting venom into nectar. If more and more people become particular about developing authentic relations for both formal and informal situations - the stock of nectar would increase and the imbalance would reduce.
Let’s see what abilities are associated with a person to be authentic:

  1. Convert tension into a smile.

  2. Convert hatred into a concern for all.

  3. Convert revengefulness to forgiveness.

  4. Convert a problem into an opportunity.

  5. Generating Peace and Order where there is a chaos.

  6. Heeling and inspiring others to act positively.

  7. Making others Authentic.

Every mature human being is needed to have these abilities not only to be truly human but also to run a successful family, a successful organization and a successful Country.
The secret is that during the process of building the ability of being authentic and morally strong, one may be needed to accept the venom – to undergo pain. But once this ability is developed, once a person is completely Human, then only nectar is his destiny. Nobody can disturb his peace of mind and his sense of happiness.

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