Theme of the week

Issue XXIV(17.07.2011)

Searching the Positive Roots

People with negative and insensitive mentality continue to raise their head as and when they find chance, but luckily for us, they do not succeed much in damaging our roots, except for some temporary damage. They leave sign of their criminal act as some orphaned children, some lament parents who lost their children and some others who lost their loved ones. But these small wounds heal-up quickly and life returns to its regular routine with all its pride.

Mumbai once again witnessed action of such cowered and inhuman group of idiots. Our roots are so strong and deep that such incidents completely fail to harm much and we face these events with even more courage, every time.Jyotikalash family wishes peace to the holy souls departed from us and pray almighty to give courage to their loved ones to bear this loss.

Nature does not force uncertainty. Is it law of Nature that when we take a journey by train or by plain or if we go to a market or to a temple, there is no guarantee that we would return safely? Nature cannot make such a law. The Laws of nature are to nurture and protect and not to destroy life. A particular class of violent and corrupt people also should not be able to destroy this wonderful earth when a much larger number of people are available to protect.

Remember, it is all the more important for people with positive energy, to safeguard our positive roots. Whole humanity has a role towards whatever is happening around. If we look back into history and our ancient culture, people used to contribute beyond their personal life and profession. Getting concerned about others, serving and helping the needy, protecting and nurturing nature and collectively praying to the superpower was part of the life style of people of the past. If all positive minded people deeply respect humanity, Nature and the God, the dishonest people having a negative psyche will not be able to make the life of innocent people so uncertain. If terrorists and ill-minded people are there, we also a much larger number of great scientists, well meaning spiritual teachers, committed doctors, nurses, educationists, administrators and- most important of all- deeply concerned parents of innocent children. We all can easily outweigh and win over the negative elements on this earth if we first dig out the strong deep rooted positive aspect within us.

We would like here to make an appeal to all the viewers to devote some time in their day to day life for contemplating and discovering ways to save the goodness on Earth. We would like to request you to kindly pray to the Supreme Power for bringing Peace and Harmony in the whole World. It is said that when pure hearts pray together, the prayer is really listened to.  Moreover, when we pray, our roots get stronger and our prayers and blessings for others come back to us in the form of happiness and prosperity.

On Behalf of Jyotikalash family (You all are members of Jyotikalash family), We wish hereby a lot of Peace, Fulfillment and Harmony in the life of everyone on the planet!