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Theme of the week

Issue LXXXV (16.09.2012)

Be a Leader / Shape your Destiny


Our day to day behavior includes two things. When we act or communicate to someone irrespective of what the other one said or did, we provide a stimulus to others. When someone else takes the initiative and we react to it, it is a Response.

Whenever we provide a stimulus, we have total choice to be positive, innovative and pragmatic. We can use our energy in creating a positive outcome for future. We can share our concern for a cause and set a path which others can follow and reach a goal.  By being Proactive, we can spend our energy in a positive way so that we get more success in life.

However, many times, we choose to respond instead of giving a stimulus. When our action or communication gets affected by what the other one said or did, this is reacting.  We spend a lot of our physical and emotional energy in negative action and communication which is out of reaction. When our energy gets multiplied by something negative, the outcome is also negative.

Whenever someone harms us, we should bless him and internally pray for him to become more mature and sincere though outwardly we may choose to ignore him for some time. Whenever we are under stress or we feel confused, we should take a pause, tap our deeply hidden qualities and our basic commitment for self upliftment, and then create a positive stimulus for others in terms of a problem solving statement, a creative plan or in terms of accepting a responsibility. This way, by keeping the choice of our action in our own hands and by meaningfully investing our energy to create a positive future, we can actually shape our destiny.

A leader always chooses to send a stimulus remaining unaffected by what others do to him. The followers on the other hand get trapped into the hands of situation or other people’s behavior and are not able to control themselves from reacting. When others are unreasonable, they react negatively and create a negative future for themselves.

We need a lot of spiritual strength to choose to be a stimulus giver – to choose to be proactive. However, if we sincerely keep ourselves away from reactions ( especially negative reactions)  in terms of thoughts, words and actions, the RESULTS ARE JUST GREAT.

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Rajgopaj Sharma Extraordinary.

MIGWI this motivating words has impacted my perspective on my focus of things.thx

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