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Issue LXXVI (15.07.2012)

Are You a Friend of Your Mind?


One of the privileges of being a human being is that we can enjoy friendships. It is indeed a great experience to have a true friend. A friend is someone who believes in us when we are in trouble. When we are confused, a good friend is able to show us the right path. A good friend makes us feel empowered and gives us a feeling of peace and happiness.

Some people say that a book is the best friend.  Some say that a caring parent or a good spouse is the best friend.  However, a book, a parent or a spouse can be a friend to us only when our mind allows it. Everything and everyone in life influences us according to our perception. Therefore, first of all we need to be a friend of our own mind to keep it healthy in all respects. When the mind is cool and calm – the meaning of most of our experiences is quite different. When the mind is under stress – nothing in the world seems to give us peace and comfort.

When we take care of our mind, it shows us the path to success and makes us a winner. Being a true friend of one’s own mind is the best strategy to lead a life. Given below are some tips which can help us in taking care of our mind:

  1. Smile and greet others when you meet them.

  2. Take a pause and think before reacting when someone criticizes you.

  3. Eat fresh food and some raw food every day.

  4. Spend some time in fresh air every day.

  5. Spend some time in silence every day.

  6. Make yourself comfortable mentally when you are needed to wait.

  7. Keep your cool when something negative happens.

  8. Avoid eating spicy and oily food.

  9. Forgive others easily.

  10. Avoid criticizing others.

  11. Do some physical exercise or physical work every day.

  12. Do something to support others or serve others.

  13. When you feel angry or when you feel like crying, divert yourself without showing your discomfort to others.

  14. Do something regularly to increase your level of competence.

  15. Train your mind to be in present? For instance, when you start for office in the morning or when you reach home in the evening, remind yourself of the sound “OM” or some mantra or enjoy the scenery around so that your mind does not get indulged into irrelevant thoughts.

  16. Catch yourself worrying about or thinking about something which is not required.

  17. Do something consciously to generate positive energy every day.

  18. Set a goal for your personal development every year, every month and work on it on weekly and daily basis.

  19. When you feel like getting angry at someone, think three times. Anger is the worst enemy of human mind. Find some other way to solve your problem and make yourself comfortable.

  20. Invest some time to make someone’s life better, to make an organization stronger, to make a city or a society more livable.

Human mind is always full of thoughts and feelings and many of them are irrelevant or are reflections of our fears. However, at deeper layers of the mind, we get the answer to most of our issues. We get peace and satisfaction only when we get in touch with these deeper layers. When people are able to be in touch with this stronger part of their mind simultaneously, they can truly understand each other. When they work together with this state of mind, SYNERGY can be created. Both prosperity and peace would be a natural outcome of such a synergy and practically, most of the human problems can come to an end.

So – be a TRUE friend of your own mind and world will be friendlier with you.

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Prerna This article gives excellent tips to creat +ve thoughts and to make everyone's life as beautifull as it could be .Thank you for the valuable suggestions.

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