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Issue LXIII (15.04.2012)

Managing the Fires of Life

The science of Disaster Management teaches us how to save ourselves from Fire. According to a broad classification, there are following types of fires:

Class A : Wet Control Fire involving paper, wood, cotton, etc. Water can be effective for extinguishing such a fire.

Class B : Fuel is inflammable liquids such as gasoline, oil, grease, alcohol, etc. For extinguishing such a fire, CO2 or special dry chemicals are used for smothering. Stream of water should not be used because inflammable liquids float on water and fire spreads rapidly. Many times it is not possible to extinguish such a fire and one has to save life and material as much as possible and wait till the oil gets exhausted.

Class C : Fires involving gases like Hydrogen, LPG, Acetylene, etc.. For extinguishing such a fire, CO2 or dry chemical powder is used. If a cylinder has caught fire, one should first take shelter behind a wall or pillar and then using the fire fighting hose, should pour water continuously on the cylinder. Due to continuous pouring of water on the gas cylinder under fire, the temperature of the gas cylinder will not suddenly increase. If the cylinder temperature increases, the gas inside the cylinder will expand very rapidly and the cylinder may explode. We should also remove other gas cylinders from a place where a cylinder has caught fire.

We at times face various types of fires in our life also. We can classify these fires as below:

Class A : Someone in the family suffers from a dangerous disease or there is a sudden loss of reputation or a sudden loss of money. In the above cases, one has to take a prompt curative step to stop the factor which has caused the fire from spreading. Just as we use water in type A fire, we can take someone’s advice to extinguish this type of fire of life.  If it’s a disease, one can consult a doctor. If it’s a loss in business, one can consult a financial consultant or some other appropriate person. If it’s a loss of reputation, one can consult an elderly person who has lived a respectable successful life. Generally, these types of fires occur when we break some of the basic principles of day-to-day life. Therefore, following the basic principles is the best way to prevent type A fire of life.

Class B :  When Two or more persons in a family, in an office or in a country  have negative feelings and grudges against each other, a neutral situation can get converted into fire anytime. There may be an extremely hot argument or even physical violence. At times, the concerned parties may also do something to harm each other.   

In such a case, one alternative is to wait patiently till the person who is angry gets cooled down. Some other person may be successful in cooling the angry persons only if he or she has a strongly positive personality or an extremely positive aura. One caution to be noted in such cases is that when a person is angry, any loose comment or irresponsible statement may aggravate the fire.

Those who have lots of negative feelings or grudges against others and if they frequently get angry, they should realise that by doing so, they not only harm others but they also burn themselves. Therefore, as a preventive measure, one should always keep oneself free of any grudges or negative thoughts.

Class C : The third type of fire which at times we may be facing is because of some misplaced power. Just as gas can be a source of fuel etc. when used in a regulated way, the power of money, intellect or muscles can be of great importance when put into positive use in a regulated way. However, when the person who has money, muscular power or has lot of talent, catches fire – goes on a wrong path, he not only harms others, he ultimately also burns his own power. At the end, he may lose whatever he had and may suffer from a feeling of helplessness.

To prevent such a fire,  all those who feel they have some quality or  some source of power should make conscious efforts to put it into a positive use – to channelize it creatively and pragmatically instead of allowing it to get inflated beyond a limit where one tends to put oneself in the hands of Fire.

We should not forget to remove a cylinder from a place where another cylinder has caught fire. We should give proper environment to various sources of power so that they do not get attracted to join someone who is already on his way to burn himself.

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AgoBfwqDszChWF May26 why.you.and.iHello, i just like to tell you that i like your posts; especially the way you tell about the phohtgrapos you take like this one fires dancing on the ashes in the evening sun or this one There’s a little magic in every neglected window on Floater. It gives a whole different nuance. Thanks for sharing, good luck :)Reply

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