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Being Deeply Rooted Makes Stress Enjoyable


Because of increasing complexities of life, most of the people seem to be under stress today. Stressful situations are different for everyone. One person's stress is another's excitement. It is not stress itself which is the problem, but the way in which people react to stress.
One of my senior colleagues, Prof. Mehta, often narrates a story in his motivational sessions. The story goes like this:.
“Once I was travelling in a train. One of my co-passengers was a villager. In the afternoon, he opened his lunch packet which consisted of thick chapatees of wheat-flour. When He started taking his lunch, one of his peculiar behaviours caught my attention. He took a piece from a chapatee, moved his hand into the air and put It in the mouth. Again and again, he repeated the same gesture. Out of curiosity I asked him why he was doing this.
The man replied, he is just imagining that he is putting piece of onion in his chapatti and then eating it.  
I wondered, why this man thought of onion only. When he was imagining, he could have thought of cheese and other delicious and nutritious vegetables. Since villagers are actually used to eating Chapati with raw onion, he kept himself limited to it even when he was imagining.”
This story belongs to all of us. The limitation of the man whom Prof. Mehta met in the train was that he did not have enough money to eat vegetables and was used to eating raw onion, that too, not regularly. Similarly, we all have certain limitations. The limitations may be related to money or they may be related to any other aspect.  Because of these limitations, we at times keep ourselves deprived of even thinking about something positive.
Whenever there is a problem, a pressure or a complexity – there is always an opportunity hidden into it. This opportunity can be identified if we visualize ourselves beyond our limitations. Most of the times, the root cause of stress is our inability to influence someone – may be an interviewer, may be a senior or a subordinate, a spouse or someone else. At times, we are not able to influence or control ourselves also for working hard or to move ahead in a particular direction. In such cases, simply working for increasing our ability to influence others and ourselves not only resolves our problem sooner or later, but also makes us a stronger person.
On the other hand, when a problem persists for a long time, it is generally because we expect support and solutions from others without winning over our own limitations.  Others may actually support us or cooperate with us. However, as long as something within ourselves bothers us or we are not totally determined and committed, the stress imbibed in the problematic situation persists and does not allow us to think beyond the problem.
If we really want to enjoy stress and make it a seed for our future growth and fulfilment, we should work on the following:

1. Our Emotional Strength which gives us patience and teaches us right kind of communication skills;

2. Our Professional knowledge and skills which makes us valuable in the present context,

3. Our commitment for a cause without which no success can be sustained,

4. Our ability to introspect honestly in the midst of difficult situation

5. Our ability to strictly follow the basic principles. These principles are the Source of our Life-energy. A tree can be full of green leaves without being taken care of, if it is deeply rooted into the EARTH. If we keep ourselves deeply rooted into the Source of Life-energy, solving various problems of life and managing day-to-day stress can actually become an enjoyable part of life even when no source of support is available to us.


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