Theme of the week

Issue XXVIII(14.08.2011)

A Golden Principle

If we put synthetic fertilizer into a mango tree and inject some chemical into the fruit for fast results, the mangoes will ultimately not be sweet or delicious. We get sweet nutritious fruit only when the tree grows naturally.

In our day to day dealings, when we concentrate on fruits, our strategy changes. We don’t make full use of our basic qualities. The direction of efforts becomes self-defeating. Communication with others also becomes synthetic - not authentic. People do get a message that we have a personal agenda other than what we are talking about. In our day to day life therefore, we should concentrate on planning to make the best use of our abilities to perform.

The Golden Principle of Geeta, the Law of Karmyoga *(quoted at the end) says that we have full right to engage in action. However, directly determining the results is not in our area of influence. The central part of this teaching to be understood deeply is that we have full right to engage in action. The medium to exercise this right is Man’s power to concentrate, to enhance one’s knowledge, to cultivate one’s skills, to convert random thought process into creative reflection, to filter one’s feelings and consciously experience the positive ones. Man has been given full power and ability to synchronize his action with a perfect integration of his qualities, reflection and sense of happiness and inner satisfaction. This is the key to getting positive results continuously in a long term.

Every effort has got the possibilities of going into the deeper layers and the gold mine is always deep. Thoughts of fruits generally distract us and we keep roaming on the surface. On the other hand, if we imagine that we already have whatever we want in life (including prosperity, a lot of respect and peace of mind) and then start concentrating on the area where we have knowledge and skill, many creative ideas come to us. These ideas when put into action while keeping the golden teaching of Geeta (and many other scriptures of various religions) in mind, it can take our life much beyond what we ever imagined.

The other part of the teaching which says that determining the results is not in our area of influence does not put any limits to our freedom. It tells us that whenever we think in terms of fruits, there is always an element of doubt attached to it. Everything which comes to our mind has its consequences. Thus the law of Karmyoga helps us in controlling our mind.

A deep understanding of this principle encourages us to enrich our inner life and make efforts to connect ourselves with the Supreme power – the Laws of nature so that all our efforts are in alignment with the positive cosmic forces. When this happens, Nature multiplies our efforts and gives results which are beyond the imagination of a human mind. That is why, the third part of this Law says that we should never imagine that we are the cause of the results.

The Law of Karamyoga reminds us that if we adopt a logical approach and align our efforts with the laws of nature, this unseen power can take us beyond the horizons. Certain things which we postpone for our next birth can be a part of this life only if we follow the golden principle.

“Karmnya Vadhikaraste Ma Phaleshu kadachane!
Ma Karmphalheturbhur Ma Te Sangstavkarmni!”
(Geeta 2.47)

“You have the right to engage in action but you are not entitles to determine the fruits of your action. You should never consider that you are the cause of the results and you should never be attached to not doing your duty.”
(Geeta 2.47)

Try This

For one week consciously engage yourself into positive intentions, positive actions, positive planning and thinking and positive feelings. Do not allow the negative thoughts and feelings dwell in your mind.

You will be able to face the world with greater confidence. You will realize that you are not alone. You are part of Nature.