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Issue XLI (13.11.2011)

The Game of Human Power

A human being always relates himself with someone or something. We either relate with relatives or friends, or with some idea or the thought of a work, or, at times, when we are in a deep reflective mood, we relate with a Supreme power, with God or Mother Nature.
Depending on whom we relate with and with what state of mind, we create an aura of positive or negative power around us. If we are in a positive, cool and compassionate state of mind, the direction of power created would be positive and vice versa.
Whom we relate with and with what intensity decides the magnitude of power. All our thoughts and actions through which we relate with others work as a zero (0) which we put against a plus one or minus one depending on our state of mind. Thus, if we think of someone or talk to someone or do some work with a serene, calm, joyful state of mind, we create a plus 10, plus 100 or plus 1000… In the same way, the opposite is also true.
A simple zero has no meaning. Others play the role of a zero in our life. If we relate with them with some thought or action, a big number can be created – positive or negative. Thus, when some disease, loss of money, loss of fame or loss of peace is there in our life, we should check whether we are creating an aura of negative power around us. On the contrary, when fortune smiles at us, it may be actually because of the way we are able to relate with everyone, with our work and with the Creator of all.
The irony is, since human being is believed to have evolved from animal life, to relate negatively comes naturally to him. However, in order to experience positivity within oneself, we have to invoke divine power. A true, sincere devotion to Supreme Power is needed to create positive energy and positive influence.
Here are some humble suggestions which might help in creating a positive aura around us:

Everyday, we should start afresh by creating a new hope;

  • Everyday, we should start afresh by creating a new hope;

  • Everyday, we should check a fear within us and remind ourselves that this is only an imagination;

  • Whenever we feel low, we should immediately remind ourselves there is something more to be understood. New chapters of life will open to us if we have a thorough look at the index;

  • We should make every work and every communication a source of happiness;

  • We should not lose any opportunity to help someone live a better life.

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