Theme of the week

Issue XIX(12.06.2011)

An Ideal Village

A priest of the main temple of a village got concerned about the increasing disputes in the village. He felt that even within their own families people were not happy with each other. People have started taking bribes, beating children, and doing many things which earlier he never saw in this village. He felt deeply hurt and felt that being a priest, he has a duty towards his village. He tried to counsel people but nobody took him seriously.

One day he got a message that a renowned spiritual teacher (Swamiji) has come to a nearby village. The priest went to meet Swamiji and requested him to guide him for helping his village. Swamiji laughed after listening to the priest and said, “Dear Son! You don’t have to worry at all. The solution has already reached your village. God has chosen one of the villagers to give his divine powers. You will soon see the face of Krishna, of Lord Rama, of Jesus and of the great saints in his eyes. Very soon this person will make your village an ideal village and will groom many children of your village to become world class leaders. God has already chosen these children also. In fact you are very lucky to be a priest of such a great village.

The priest request Swamiji to tell him who this person was. Swamiji said, “this is a secret. I‘ll come to your village soon and will help you in identifying this person. Till then please don’t share this with anyone.”

The priest returned happily to his village. He kept observing everyone as he did earlier but did not react or said anything to anyone. Whenever he thought of advising someone, his subconscious mind stopped him with a thought, “may be this is the person God has identified to give his divine powers to.” Soon he started having a feel of Godliness in the eyes of people whom he talked to. Day by day, he became very quiet and always gave a smiling look.

The villagers noticed this change in the priest after his visit to another village to meet Swamiji. They became curious. One day, one of his friends asked him what happened when he visited Swamiji? The priest initially did not tell anything but when he insisted, told him the whole story. He also requested his friend not to disclose it further.

The priest’s friend was also deeply affected by the idea that one of the persons of their village is soon going to get divine powers and their village would become an ideal village. Now onwards, whenever this person talked to anyone, he looked closely in his eyes and never argued with anyone. His wife noticed this change in his behaviour and insisted on telling her the reason. He told his wife what the priest had told him and warned her not to disclose it further.
This man’s wife was elated with whatever her husband told her. She thought may be my own son is one of those children who have been chosen to become great leaders. She forgot about the warning given to her and one day told one of the teachers of the village’s school about the whole story. The news reached the principle also and through him many other important people of the village came to know about it. Soon the story reached to every resident of the village.

The school teachers’ behaviour towards the children started changing. They looked at every child as a potential leader, a great scientist, a great musician, etc. They took great interest in guiding them and nurturing them with best of talent and values.

When villagers met each other, they stopped themselves whenever there was some unpleasantness. They thought, may be this person has been chosen by god to get the divine powers. Soon everyone started feeling the presence of Krishna, or Allah in others’ eyes. The idea that their village is soon going to be an ideal village also fascinated them a lot.

A few months passed like this. Everyone was searching their leader. In this process, they started looking at others with love and compassion. They forgot their grudges and united together to work hard. The agriculture and other activities of the village started flourishing. The children gave extraordinary results and parents gave a lot of attention to their education and growth. Years passed like this. One day an international mission visited this village. They were highly impressed to see the level of commitment of the people and deep knowledge of their children. They decided to start an NGO there. With the help of this NGO, many children of the village got excellent opportunities to make their career. They were also backed by strong value system and became a role model for others. Soon the village was declared an ideal village.

At this time, Swamiji visited this village. The priest went running to meet him. He told Swamiji, “Whatever you said has come true. But we still do not know who is the person who has been bestowed with divine power. I have been waiting for you very eagerly to know this.” Swamiji said, “ Tell me one single person here who does not have this divine power. Earlier, no one saw it. But after your visit to me, people started looking at this divinity in others’ eyes. It was already there.”

The priest got the message.

But this message is not only for the priest of a particular village. This is for all of us! Just by waiting to see the better part of everyone in him or her, we can make ideal relationships and teams and can create excellence everywhere.