Theme of the week

Issue LIV (12.02.2012)

Saga of Life

We drop out of our mother’s womb… uncovered and bare handed. And we conclude the journey back into womb of mother earth…. uncovered and bare handed again. In between is a fiction, “The Saga of Life”. Life is all about fabrication… it is myth. We blindly chase dreams which do not really matter too much, we run after things which actually have no significance. The final truth is “Death” and we all have to accept it on someday or the other.

The saga of life is our own creation. We write our own script and portray it…. we write our own lyrics and sing it. At times it becomes a beautiful melody but sometimes we mess it up. We can make the saga of our life so impressive that people feel sorry when we retire or we can make it so repellent that people feel relieved when we conclude.

My life is a blank canvas, let me paint is with beautiful colors…. the colors of love, warmth, affection, devotion, politeness, sympathy, gratitude, honesty, morality, sincerity, and discipline.

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mEpxG83tgx Frankly I think that's ablesutoly good stuff.

Vicky Klopp A life journey that cannot see the miracle of every moment is a life squandered. I ask the Almighty every day to please be patient with me as I am a derelict work in progress. I wouldn't trade my life for anyone else's. Thank you for poducing this wonderful insightful website. Fools like me still need lots of reminders.

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