Theme of the week

Issue XXXII(11.09.2011)

9/11 : A Call for Hidden Human Power

Ten years ago on 11th of September there was a horrible attack which brought the whole world together. For a few weeks, every human being felt empathetic towards those who were affected by this attack. Every country felt the commitment to solve the problem of terrorism. The whole world seemed to be coming together.

However, after a few weeks, once again everyone went back in their shells. The commitment and oneness did not sustain for long. Our History shows that before East India Co. came to India, a lot of issues were prevailing in the country which were a result of weak administration and non-awareness of people. However, when everyone felt the pain of being dependent and of being crushed and exploited like anything, people became one and fought for the independence.

A few weeks ago, a strong leader tried to unite everyone by one of the basic principles of humanity – the Non-violence. It was only because of the deep-rooted spiritual power of the leader – Anna Hazare,  that people got united.

A review of all such situations shows that human beings have a tendency to come together only when in acute pain or under deep spiritual influence.  The day-to-day life, however does not touch both these extremes. In our routine life, we all are somewhere in between. That means the moderateness of pain or moderate  realization of hidden morality and humanity creates interpersonal differences and gives birth to various problems which include terrorism, poverty and all sorts of social crimes.

The fundamental question we should ask ourselves here is that if everyone has strong human powers which, if brought together, can remove all crimes and interpersonal problems from this earth – what is it we are waiting for? 

Do we want more of 9/11 of America or 7/13, 11/26 or 3/13 of Mumbai or 9/7 of Delhi?

The Indians have recently experienced the other alternative also. We can come together to keep the problems away by pooling our deep rooted moral strength. If something can be done peacefully and happily why should we wait for destruction and unbearable social crimes?

In fact the secret is that solution of all sorts of problems lies in the awakened consciousness of common man. The positive leaders succeed when people are with them. The negative leaders succeed when people are morally weak within and they know it. India became Independent because Indians became aware and concerned. Leaders like Mahatma Gandhi or Shaheed Bhagat Singh only initiated a movement to make people aware. The problems of terrorism, poverty, corruption, taking away of human dignity by way of ragging etc. can be removed from this earth if only the common man becomes actively concerned about it and is willing to contribute in creating solutions.