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Issue LVIII (11.03.2012)

Being a Part of the Solution Gives Power

Once a doctor was searching the right treatment of a disease which was killing many people. When nothing helped, he injected the virus of the disease in his own blood and caught the disease himself. By way of experiencing the symptoms of the disease himself, he was ultimately successful in searching the right treatment.
The doctor was instrumental in causing the disease to himself. But many times, we are  caught in the midst of a problematic situation which makes us feel helpless and wretched. At  such a moment, if we simply tell ourselves that perhaps someone else is also suffering from the same problem and if I solve it successfully for myself, I may help others as well. This realisation gives us tremendous strength. We immediately get a relief from the unnecessary strain we cause to ourselves by thinking again and again that we are in trouble.

A few principles generally help us in remaining in the solution mode:

  • We should never indulge in the memories of negative happenings of past. Thought of a negative event takes us away from our inner spiritual, mental and physical powers which we need to use in a focused way to find the solution of the present problem.

  • Many times, we can reach the solution of a problem which strikes us at a professional and social level by way of identifying some key strengths or significant quality  which is lying unutilised within us so far. By finding the right way to put it into the right use, we can bring a change in our circumstances.

  • If it seems that a person is consciously or unconsciously causing trouble to us, we should simply bless him or her with a wish to get peace and forget about him as soon as possible. We should concentrate on the problem – not on the source. By thinking frequently about the person, we unnecessarily generate negative feelings within us which consume our energy like anything.

  • We should remember that power cannot come with a weapon or with a position. Power has to be felt and realised. Even a small child  like Prahalad (devotee of Lord Vishnu, whose father tried to kill him brutally many times) or the famous doctor and philosopher, Victor Frankl (who was caught in the concentration camp in 1942 along with his family and was given enormous physical and mental torture) were able to feel highly empowered  in the moments of torture.

By taking a decision to be a person who finds solutions, we can feel as if we are a partner of the Almighty Himself and gradually search the divine power He has already bestowed upon all of us.

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monika True Article. Author of this article is definitely Optimist. Finding problem for a solution using positive attitude is better than sinking into the problem through negative attitude. Keep in mind "God help those who help themselves" and definitely "God will never let us down".

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