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Issue LXXXIV (09.09.2012)

We the Parents of India


A Few days back, there was a news in one of the leading newspapers that according to a survey done by an English newspaper, 70 per cent of kids between the age group of 13 and 18 believed that it is all right to manipulate or deceive someone to get success.

In the editorial of a leading newspaper, the author was of the view that people were expecting a strong leader in the form of Anna and some of the members of his team….however, it seems that these leaders did not come to peoples’ expectations.

Both these expressions convey a common thing. Both indicate that somewhere the basic institution or unit of Indian Society is getting weaker and weaker day by day. This institution is the institution of Indian family, or, in other words, Indian parents.

The survey of English newspaper shows that a lot of confusion is prevailing in the minds of teenagers. Generally, children are confused when parents also do not realize the hard facts of life or they do not take an initiative to create such an environment in the family where children are open to understand different aspects of life before reaching to such immature conclusions. Parents’ attitude and day-to-day behavior forms the foundation of children’s mindset.

Another expression in the form of editorial also shows that we as citizens are not able to groom strong leaders from amongst us. The commitment of people is the actual power of any leader.  In the pre-independence era, we could have leaders like Mahatma Gandhi and Sardar Vallabh Bhai Patel because the people in general were committed to their country. The priorities were clear. People knew that their families would flourish only when there is peace and stability in the country. Most of the parents taught the basic principles of life to their children. In such a situation, those who took an honest initiative to lead others, got success.

Today, when a parent smiles at the cleverness of his son or daughter, he does not realize that tomorrow his ward may become the victim of others’ manipulation. Today, when we enjoy receiving personal favors from a leader, we forget that such leaders may someday take such wrong decisions which may bring many people on road without any fault of theirs.
The most important role in any society is the role of a parent. Healthy parenting not only makes a happy and prosperous family, it also helps in making a politically, economically and socially strong country.  On one hand, if parents are honestly concerned about the future of their children and the coming generations, they will make active efforts to improve conditions around. They would also give their cooperation to those who are making active efforts for the betterment of the country.

So, let all the parents of India decide together to be committed to make a socially and morally strong family realizing that each and every family is a unit of the society which in turn nourishes our lives and gives us strong leaders.


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prerna Very true. All are eqaly responsible to make the enviornment healthy & clean .

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