Theme of the week

Issue XIV (08.05.2011)

Meeting with God

Everyday when a small one returns from school
He pours both his excitement and his frustration
Onto his mother
She hears everything patiently
And the little one is as calm and happy
As a lake filled with beautiful flowers of lotus

Everyday in the morning
When the sun starts rising
Something in the air very subtly
Filters its scorching heat and injurious gases
So that
Only healthy light reaches the earth

When a not so wise learner crams
A large number of volumes
And gets filled with ego
A humble and wise teacher
Gently shows him the real principles of life
And Saves him
From an unending struggle

Everyday it happens
When someone is dying
A human touch and care of a doctor
Or a nurse
Makes him survive
To see some more colors of life

Whenever someone is filled with envy or anger
His own alter ego moderates it
Asking him gently
To review and to forgive
So that he can surrender to the almighty
Whenever he makes a mistake
And be at peace

Yes, everyday God meets you and me
Through the powerful air,
Through a loving mother
Through a humble teacher
Through a caring doctor
Through our own alter ego
Or our soul
Which is such a wonderful mirror
Reflecting the light of wisdom and truth sent by God
And the light of true concern and care
Sent by all!

Yes friends! This world is full of divine creations which keep on moderating the likely to be harmful or painful objects, thoughts, feelings and events and gives a soothing touch not only to the mankind but to the whole creation. Nature is constantly giving us divine protection. But certain divine acts have to be done consciously. For that purpose, the Creator has made us- the human beings and has bestowed upon us a wonderful consciousness. God binds us into some roles which connect us with our soul. As a concerned parent, as a true teacher, as a committed administrator, and in many other ways, we get connected to our soul and moderate and filter the feelings, thoughts, actions and events of day to day life to make them a channel for the welfare of all.

Friends, let us apply the law of multiplication to this divinity which is available to we human beings so that our coming generations also understand how a mother can be divine, how a teacher can be so kind, how a leader can tap others’ potential and get big things done, how the earth can remain pure enough for everyone to live a healthy life.

I happened to come across the expression of divinity of some girls who did not experience the love of their mother but could give motherly care and affection to two little ones when they needed it:

About six years back there was a news in the paper that a lady was seriously sick and she was all alone with her two children of 5 years and One and a half years respectively. They were living on railway platform and the lady was admitted to a city hospital by the police. Two days later, the paper showed that the lady is dead and the two children were sent to a child home.

A few days later, I managed to visit the child home where these children were sent. I was moved to listen that the reason why others were there in the child home were even worse than the story of these two kids. Still, not only the in charge and the care takers, but some elder girls who themselves never got the love of their mother spent many nights in their eyes because the younger one of these two children was almost constantly crying for first few days missing his mother badly and the elder one was also waiting to go to his mother once again because he was told that his mother has been shifted to another hospital where children are not allowed.

The girls and the care takers worked very hard to make these two children smile and be at peace and accept others in the home as their family members.

Friends, never underestimate yourself! You can be divine for someone whenever God chooses you to be his channel to show his kindness and to give divine care and support to his creations. Probably, whenever we act with a divine spirit, we feel as fearless and at peace as God Himself.

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