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Issue XLIX (08.01.2012)

Best Plan for New Year

Yesterday, a neighbour of mine said, “These days things are changing towards better for me.  Earlier, when I used to yell at my children, they used to react. But now they listen. Earlier, my husband used to resist against something I wanted. But now he supports me. Earlier, when I criticized or gave some advice to my colleagues, they used to ignore me. But now they invite my feedback. Perhaps my stars are changing.”
Yes!  Perhaps her stars are changing. But probably the real secret is that something is changing within her which is generating a positive change in her environment. Yes, this  is true! We keep on expecting a change outside us. But things change for us meaningfully only when there is a change within us. We have to lead the change – first within, then outside.
Friends, the best way to plan a new year would be , therefore, to take a lead in bringing a change inside us thereby generating (may be little) a positive change outside us. The best way to spend a year is to prepare for achieving what we want to see in our life, or, in our surrounding by the first of January of the next year.
We can start by visualising what we want in our life on first of January, 2013 and then start working backwards.  If we want a better job, we can prepare ourselves for higher responsibilities. If we want a deeper and more fulfilling relationship with our family members, we can make efforts for being more understanding and authentic with them.  If we want more respect in the social network, we can be more concerned for our relatives, neighbours, colleagues, etc. If we want to live in a stronger and more stable country, we can start working towards the solution of at least one issue which is making our country weaker.
Depending upon what we want, we can choose our path.  However, this is for sure that if want to see a concrete change outside us, we need to make a concrete efforts in terms of some activity or some observable change within us.
The most important thing here is that 8th of January, 2012 (or the date when you are reading this write up) would not come again. May be your goal is such which needs you to make active efforts for at least 365 days. Then  why to waste even a day? There are some goals which need us to learn a skill or get more knowledge. For such goals we can have a Step by Step plan. However, there may be some goals for which we just need to think differently. For having a better relationship with one’s teenager child, for getting more respect from one’s subordinates or for experiencing more peace within, we only need to change our thoughts towards the child, towards the subordinates or towards oneself. For such goals, we can simply take a jump. Our thoughts depend on our perception and perception is a SELF FULFILLING PROPHECY. It is not that we see something which exists outside. It is mostly the other way. When we see something internally, it starts existing outside us. One can waste the whole life by waiting for something to change. The other option is – we can bring a change within us instantly and start enjoying the change outside which gradually would take a shape.
So, why to waste even a day of this precious life? Think deeply and see what you want on the FIRST OF JANUARY, 2013 and start working accordingly. Wish you receive the Blessings of Almighty continuously when you work to bring a positive change!

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anita yes the energy u sent in the universe is reflected back to u. therefore send positivity if u want it. secondly u show the confidence in the children,subordinate or the spouse,so they get the encouragement. criticism does not inspire .

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