Theme of the week

Issue XXVII(07.08.2011)

Wings to fly

Once in a beautiful garden, two birds were sitting on the branch of a tree. One was mother bird and the other was her little one. Soon they started talking. The conversation went like this:

Little One : Mother, man is so powerful. But he cannot fly like us?

Mother Bird : Yes my child. But man is more fortunate than us. We cannot preserve whatever we create for long. But man gets so much from his forefathers – even from those who lived thousands of years ago.

Little One : But why does man exist on this earth at all. We are tiny creatures. We do not consume a lot of resources of Nature. Man consumes Nature like anything.

Mother Bird : Yes! But man can create also. Man sows seeds which grow into trees on which we birds make our nests. Man gives shelter to animals. Man can be a partner of Nature. He can be caring for all!

The animals that eat other animals cannot be caring for them. Only the grass eating animals can be free from killing instinct. But they also cannot create their own food. They are totally dependent on man or Nature.

Little One: But man also kills others. He feels threatened by others’ existence.

Mother Bird: At the moment they kill others or take others as a source of threat, they simply forget their own nature. Man can create his own resources, his own space, his own freedom. Even a lion is born helpless. He has to kill other creations of Nature to survive.

Man is the only creation who is not born to be helpless. He can nurture Nature. When he kills or hurts others, he develops guilt within him because man’s original nature is only to accept all and to love all.

Little One: So man can be happy only if he loves all just like God! But is there something in which animals and birds are better than man?

Mother Bird : Yes! We’ve been given limited power but we try to make fullest possible use of it. We live according to our own nature. Man doesn’t use much of the power he has been given. He does not even realize his real power because his heart is always heavy with the burden of hurts, guilts, or greed.

Man very rarely lives according to his own nature. Because he does not use his extraordinary power to be caring, creating and giving, he does not realize the eternal freedom which is already there within him.

The two birds stopped their conversation and started flying. Their concepts were clear, their hearts were light and soon they were seen flying very high in the sky.

The day, a man’s concepts become clear and his heart becomes light, he develops wings to fly to touch the heights of greatness.