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Issue V (06.03.2011)

A New Look At Structuring Time


Think of your life expectancy. As per our scriptures, the ideal life expectancy for human life is 100 years. If you afraid in living till this age, make it 90 years. Less than this is not fair simply because in the course of our life we take a lot from others. Therefore, we should return back to society fairly well.

Now subtract your present age from 90 years to find out how many years are available to you now. For instance, if the age of Mr. X is 35 years, 55 (90 – 35) years would be available to him now.

Out of 24 hours of a day, we spend roughly 8 hours in sleeping and taking a nap. Thus practically only 16 hours are available to us. Therefore, subtract 33.3 per cent from your presently available time. In the present example, 36.7 (55-18.3) years would be available to Mr. X.

Out of 16 hours, some time is gone in the irrelevant thinking of subconscious mind. When we drive, when we cook or do other routine works, or we sit down to relax, our subconscious mind becomes active without our being aware of it and at times leaves us with a negative emotional state also. This time is a sheer wastage mentally.

Subtract 20 percent from your presently available time because of the time taken by our subconscious mind. In the present example, around 29.5 years (36.7 – 7.34) would be available to Mr. X

We also spend some time in unimportant and irrelevant activities. For instance, some time is wasted in watching irrelevant and non-quality T.V. programmes, in making and responding to irrelevant telephone calls, in doing shopping without any need and other such activities.

Some time of our life also goes in unproductive discussions, arguments, conflicts, etc. Our anger, anxiety and fears also snatch a lot of time from us. If we reduce around 10 per cent of the available time because of the above reasons, not many years are left for us. In the present example, around 26 -27 years are available for Mr. X if he:

  1. Maintains his health till 90 years of age;
  2. Is clear about what he wants to do in life;
  3. Is aware of his roles and responsibilities;
  4. Has good communication skills and does not get entangled into conflicts frequently;
  5. Can manage his time wasters;
  6. Can maintain high level of motivation throughout life and keeps away from worries and anger;
  7. Keeps an account of at least 10 to 12 hours every day.


Friends, Time is another word for life. Human life is much more important than any amount of wealth, status or popularity.

Therefore, the first requirement of a wise person is to think about one’s life in totality and keep an account of the time available.
Imagine, a person has to go to Mumbai from Delhi. He goes to the Railway Station of Delhi and finds a beautiful train with luxury seats and all facilities. He buys tickets for that train and sits inside. When his journey is over, he discovers that he has reached Calcutta instead of Mumbai.

If such a thing happens to anyone, the whole life is practically wasted. Thus, the first condition for managing time is knowing one’s priorities very clearly and matching one’s efforts with one’s priorities.

Friends, you must have felt about pressure of time many times and must have made some efforts to manage time in a better way. However, these efforts are successful only when we start with a clear vision of our life including all its aspects and knowing what we want ultimately.

We will talk in detail about time management in the online workshop on time management to help you in making a strategy to manage time on day-to-day basis as well for the whole lifetime. But before that, to give a push to our life, go through the exercise given below.

Visualize Your Life To Manage Your Time:

Find around half an hour for yourself when you do this exercise. Sit comfortably and be in silence. Relax yourself gradually from toe to top of the head and think of a melodious musical tune you have heard before.

Imagine you are going for attending a meeting of third day. The person who has passed away was very close to you. When you go closer to the photograph of the person that is placed in the front, you notice this is your own photograph. You are attending the meeting of third day for yourself.

Your family members, many of your relatives and colleagues are sitting there. Some neighbors and some persons whom you had helped in many ways are also sitting in this meeting. Everyone seems to be full of thoughts. When the meeting is over, your family members, some close relatives and some colleagues talk about you.

Be relaxed and visualize the seen as described above. Take your diary or a note pad and answer the following questions:

  1. What you want your spouse and your children to think about you?
  2. To what extent do you think some people would remember you for your contributions in their life?
  3. What would people think of your professional achievements?
  4. Would your family lead a quality life because you have taken care of the basic things?


Think coolly about the above questions and write their answers in your diary.
If you get an age of 14 years once again, what would you like to do differently?
Think the answer of the last question twice and see how much time is now available to you.

Start your life afresh. You can make 24 hours equal to 48 hours also if you want.

All the Best!




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