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Theme of the week

Issue LXXIX (05.08.2012)

The Right Prayers


Many people feel that God does not listen to our prayers. At times, because of disappointment people feel that there is no God or no superpower which governs this universe. Many people feel what they want never becomes a reality.  Generally we first decide or think what we want and then pray to God or request God to fulfill our wishes.
Whenever we use prayers to get what we want, it is our IGNORANCE.  Whenever we first decide what we want and then try to be in touch with God, we follow a wrong sequence. That is why many times we don’t achieve the Goal.

A prayer is a communication with God or a Superpower or the Original Source of Life. This power governs the physical world as well as Human Life. There are some laws which govern the physical world. The source always wants an object to be in a state of equilibrium – in a state of comfort.

Human life is also governed by certain laws. If we follow those laws – the laws of Nature – we would always be in a state of equilibrium or Sukh. The source, the Superpower always knows what is good for us and wants us to act accordingly and be at peace.  By being in touch with the laws of Nature or the laws which govern human life, we can be in touch with God.  God does listen to our prayers when we are in touch with him. Thus, the right sequence is first understanding the will of God and then communicating with Him to give us power to do what is right.

Safety, security, Prosperity, success and care are actually what God wants to see in our lives. If we have enough space for Godliness in our personality and total life, we need not get worried about safety and success. The right prayers for a human being are, therefore, prayers to have the right kind of inspiration, prayers to take the right decision, prayers to develop an understanding which keeps us close to Laws of Nature and helps us in understanding the will of God.

Whenever a thought is there in our mind and we feel like praying to God, we should first be in touch with Him – understand his will. If our prayers are in accordance with his will, they DEFINITELY come true.  Many times when we look forward to small successes - God actually wants us to attain great heights. He knows the right steps. We only need to follow Him.

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