Theme of the week

Issue XVIII(05.06.2011)


Attending the Call

If the mind is intensely eager, everything can be accomplished—mountains can be crumbled into atoms. 

- Swami Vivekanand Saraswati



Once, a young man lost his father when he had hardly finished his studies. He started searching for a job. He took the guidance of his spiritual teacher. He said “Go to the temple and ask Mother to give you money. She will give you what you ask for.” The young man went to the temple thrice. But he could not ask for money. Every time, he asked for inner strength. Perhaps, a Supreme Power was calling him for something else. Later, he worked for a big mission and aroused the masses to realize their inner strength. The young man was none other than Swami Vivekanand Saraswati.

Bachendri Pal always felt that the mountains were calling her. In spite of lot of resistance from family against taking such a risky adventure, she could not resist the temptation of climbing mountains and taking trekking tours which ultimately led her to Mt. Everest.

Sachin Tendulkar had a call from Cricket while Mother Teresa realized that she was a Mother to the whole humanity. Narayan Murthy had a call to start a software development industry while he did not have enough capital to start the work. But he started working and followed the basic human values and business ethics and could build such a big empire. Many other industrialists have also done it.

Kiran Bedi could work for the upliftment and welfare of jail inmates in spite of the natural obstacles of a bureaucratic system. There are innumerable such examples in human history. In fact, we all are living a comfortable life because of such people who listened to their call and did something meaningful. Imagine what would have happened if the person who gave us computer would have become a writer and the one who discovered the treatment of tuberculosis would have come into politics.


Those who realize their call always become a leader. They go after a cause – a purpose inspires them. They do not need another human being to inspire them. They also do not go after recognition. The root of a tree attends to its call but is not noticed outside. The same happens in the case of a parent, a teacher or a coach. However, the person who enjoys a match most is the coach of the winner and not the winner himself. (Those who are knowledgeable know that if a tree exists, the root is also there). When a person enters a field for which he doesn’t feel a call but is simply attracted because of money or popularity or power, he doesn’t get sustainable success.


When we put our feet on the right path, we can gradually go higher and higher. Once we realize our call, we should first observe our path, see when to take the first step, when should we walk and when is the time to run. One may be needed to wait because of some boundations. We can use this period to prepare us to play the real innings later – to upgrade our knowledge, to learn some more skills, to develop patience and to work on our physical health and mental agility. If we know our call and we are well prepared, sooner or later, the call attracts us. The more prepared we are, the faster we move towards the heights. The pull of a call is like the blessing of the Almighty Himself.

How to Recognize a Call

  • The activity which attracts you leaves you with a positive feeling for yourself and for others;
  • You feel tremendous peace after doing a lot of work and nowhere have a feeling that you are obliging someone;
  • When you get a chance to follow your call, you enjoy a high energy level throughout the day;
  • You take the barriers as challenges and do not get depressed. Rather you happily explore the solutions of your problems;
  • You develop a deeper faith in humanity and in the superpower.
  • There is a positive motive behind what you feel like doing.

When God created Nature, He had a purpose in mind. Nature gives us Life! When God created Human Beings, He had a greater purpose in mind. God needs Human beings to execute His Plans!

If you are attracted to do something positive, the will of the supreme power may be with you. That is why Swami Vivekanand said:

“Your Atman (soul) is the support of the universe—whose support do you stand in need of? Wait with patience and love and strength. If helpers are not ready now, they will come in time. Why should we be in a hurry? The real working force of all great work is in its almost unperceived beginnings.” 

- Swami Vivekanand Saraswati