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Issue XLIV (04.12.2011)


Some people when enter a place, they brings a sense of happiness and cheer with them. On the contrary, some bring a negativity; a feeling of sadness, boredom, or anxiety. Each one of us actually moves around with an aura surrounding our body and this aura is nothing but the vibrations created by our thoughts and emotions. These vibrations create a magnetic luminous energy field around our body.

So, when we enter an area with our magnetic aura, it influences atmosphere of that area. If my aura, positive or negative, is strong enough, it will nullify strength of other auras and charge atmosphere of the area with my thoughts and emotions. If I’m cheerful and happy, I’ll charge atmosphere with happiness and the opposite if I’m holding a strong negative aura.
As our aura is reflection of our mood, emotions, knowledge and thoughts, it keeps changing with change in them. When with my strong positive cheerful aura I enter a room, I charge other’s aura too with my emotions and soon the room is filled with strong positive energies. The opposite is valid when someone with strong negative fields around, enters a room.

Can I See Aura of others?
Aura is invisible in all normal circumstances, but researchers claim that with some practice, you can see the color of aura around a human body and know what the fellow is thinking. We can notice a bright silver or golden circle around the head on pictures of religious and spiritual teachers, god and goddess of different religions. Gautama Buddha, Jesus Christ, Muhammad Sahib, Lord Rama, Lord Krishna, Guru Nanak Dev…. you can find such circles on pictures of each one of them. It proves that at some stage, people could see the aura circle around head of a human body.
Many times we can easily notice a shine on face of the people who possess a bright aura around their head. It is believed that people with bright, white, silver or golden aura around their head are simple, honest, spiritually advanced and calm people. While people with dark aura around head are charged with negative energies of greed, anger, jealously, ego, illiteracy, animal like desires, etc. Some researchers claim that Aura of a human being can be of other colors also, such as Red, Green, Blue, Violet, Orange, Yellow, etc. Each of these colors, according to them, reflects different shades of one’s character and personality. With practice, we can see these colors and more about the person in front of us without his saying anything.

Does Non-Living Things also have an Aura?
It is not that only human beings or living things have their aura. Other living things such as animals and plants and non living things also have aura. A silent and beautiful mountain covered with white snow generates positive vibrations while the same mountain in thunder storms and landslides, becomes dangerous and generates negative vibrations. Our home, no matter how little amenities it has, is far more cozy and comfortable place than any best hotel suit around. Many of us have a practice of bowing our head while passing through a religious place like church or temple. What is it that makes that area special!!

Charge your Aura with positive energies
If you want to be always charged with positive energies and make atmosphere around you cheerful, just believe that people around you can easily see your aura and know about your thoughts and emotions! With this in mind, you will cautiously try to be positive and not allow any negative thoughts to influence you. If negative energies around you are strong, you may have to work even harder and generate even stronger positive vibrations to nullify effect of those negative auras.
No expensive cosmetics and herbs can really makeover and artificially charge your Aura with bright colors of positivity. Aura is natural and only natural energies and vibrations can charge it.
We may do a few things to help our aura to be charged with positivity. We may hang pictures of great people on the walls, may have beautiful sceneries and flowers in the room, keep our house neat and tidy, should spend few minutes for any kind of spiritual activity. Healthy eating and lovely habits also charge you with positivity. Having at least one meal together will also help improving atmosphere. Listening to soothing music in low volume, maintaining adequate temperature inside our house, not allowing any abusive words, avoiding arguments, respecting emotions of each other, etc. will also help in a big way.
Let us together make this world a better place to live by first charging our own aura with as much positivity as we can.

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