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Issue XXXI(04.09.2011)

Are we really Poor - Financially, Morally, & Socially

The data says that a large percentage of India’s population either lives below poverty line or lives a Non-quality life. This reflects that India is really a poor country.

Yes! India is poor in many respects. Many of our qualified and able budding professionals are asked to pay a bribe for their joining even after taking all the screening rounds and final interview successfully. India has a high quality Human Resource but a considerable part of it is denied to contribute to National building either because of corruption or because of “Seth culture”. Moreover, we have many committed people who have vision, leadership and who are filled with concern for the country and humanity by large. However, such people do not become politicians because our political system does not allow people having commitment, moral character and deep knowledge to be a part of the team of rulers. Another face of the truth is that those who have knowledge and who are sincere have many other alternatives available to them and they get themselves meaningfully engaged elsewhere.

Culture vise also our country has lot of talent. There are many who have a deep insight into the beauty and value of ancient Indian culture. But generally those who believe in a “remix” or who make every aspect of life a medium of giving vent to their frustration, putting aside art and culture come in the lime light.

Media also possesses a lot of technical skills and ability to work hard. However, when the country is not giving them any food for thought, they, at times, create their own ways to attract people – even if what they show or what they print arouses the negative aspect of the psyche of people.

An honest introspection on National level would show that though everyone seems to be extremely busy – a large part of this effort is not taking the country anywhere. Rather, a lot of activities are such which are pushing us backward. Though we have very rich resources, practically we are very poor – not only economically, but also morally, and socially.

India is not actually a poor country. We Indians, under the leadership of a few people, have chosen to be the citizen of a poor country. The irony is that at least 60 to 70 percent Indians are committed. However, because of a very small percentage of people, the sincere ones have opted to take a back seat.

Today, these few people are trying to corner some such people who really care for the country. The lady who turned a jail from hell to a place where the criminals can think of repenting and living a better life, who turned an almost impossible dream into reality, is being questioned. The person who sacrificed his career for the country and opted to devote his life fighting against corruption and corrupt system, is being harassed unnecessarily. Those who tried to raise voice against shattered shape of democracy in the country are being threatened.

After having experienced the historical movement of Janlokpal Bill from 16th August, 2011 to 27th August, 2011, if some people are successful in playing such dirty games, it will be a SHAME both for the rulers and for us who are being ruled passively. It is our turn now to stand for the truth.

It is said that poverty dwells in the house of unwise. If India remains poor, that would mean that we Indians are unwise. We care only for our children – that too only in terms of financial prosperity. We do not think how they will enjoy this prosperity if the world is not livable. And more than that, we don’t visualize the lives of our grand children and their grandchildren. We do not think in terms of the outcome of what we choose ( or do not choose) to do.

That means Wisdom lies in being futuristic. We should not hesitate in being patriotic because – truly speaking- only those who are committed to the country (at least) or to the whole world are actually wise. Some of us are able to live a quality life today because of such people only. Because they were few in number, the country today is surrounded by a number of economic, social and environmental threats.

The grand children of some of us and the great grandchildren of most of us may have a very tough time if today we do not feel empowered enough to take some bold decisions.