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Issue LVII (04.03.2012)

Keep Yourself Aligned

When you check your car for the purpose of maintenance, you also check the alignment of wheels. When the wheels are not aligned, the car does not run smoothly. If we ignore the non-alignment problem, one day one of the wheels may simply come out of a running car and a big accident may take place.

We are also like a wheel. We should continuously check our alignment with our family and with the society at large. If we keep sticking to our own whims and fancies and do not internalize the spirit of the system of which we are a part, one day we become redundant.

A wheel does not move by itself. It is full of inertia. A force is needed to bring it in a moving state. Similarly, we have to connect ourselves to a driving force, to a source of life or to an inner inspiration to be able to move with our moving life. If we do not do that we are like a lifeless stone. Whether we are a part of a family, an organization, or any other system, our life keeps running. We cannot park it like our car. Therefore, we have to continuously remain connected.

Wheels are of different quality. Some are strong and sturdy whereas some are highly prone to get punctured. Similarly, we human beings are prone to get punctured by some fear, anger, hatred, our ego or lack of diligence and judgement power. We have to make ourselves strong and sturdy by continuously increasing our inner will – our will to remain connected to the laws of Nature or the Creator which gives us strength. The pressures of day-to-day life tend to weaken our will power. We have to make our priorities clear time and again and be in touch with our will power which otherwise remains buried beneath hundreds of unwanted layers.

Howsoever hard we may press the accelerator, the engine of the car (the driving force) cannot carry a punctured wheel very far. If a punctured wheel continues to run with the car, it gets worsened. If a person is weak or selfish, even God cannot help him. Ultimately, we HAVE to make ourselves strong from within by way of getting aligned with those principles which help in running all the four wheels together – which helps us in accepting the presence of others with dignity and resilience.

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