Theme of the week

Issue XXII(03.07.2011)

Finding the Right Key

A man was careless and used to manage things without developing any systems. For instance, he kept three – four locks to lock his house from inside before going to bed. There was no fixed place to keep the locks and keys. Whichever lock he could locate with the key. He used to put it in the main gate. One day he used a lock titled Godrej. Next day when he woke up he could not find the right key. He could locate only the key of Harrison, one of the other locks he possessed. So he tried to open the lock of Godrej with the key of Harrison. He tried again and again but failed. In the end, he had to break the lock.
The same happens to all of us some time or the other. There are various types of locks in life and each lock has a different key. However, some keys are readily available to all of us and we try to use them in all types of locks. Every situation of life needs a different type of response. For instance, when some important decision has to made, we may need to have a dialogue. At times, even an argument may also be needed. In case of emergency, we may even shout at someone. However, when someone becomes non-cooperative or arrogant, an active silence may be more functional. We observe and try to understand the situation actively but do not react. To run a household or a business, to construct a building or do some such activities, we need money. However, using money to maintain relationships or acquiring power does not work ultimately.
If we have four locks in our house, there is no point in taking extra care of only one key. Similarly, there is no point in being attached to a particular quality or habit or possession. The more detached and flexible we are, the more comfortable and effective would be our life.
The most important thing in life is the ability and freedom (inner freedom) to choose the right key. If society gives too much emphasis to status and show, we should not waste the precious moments of our life in earning these beyond a limit if our family and our personal health and happiness require something else.
A Friendly Self Check
Check yourself if you:

  • Feel proud of having a lot of money or a lot of administrative power;
  • Feel proud for being highly intelligent or for being too good in a particular skill;
  • Try to get things done on the basis of anger or manipulation;
  • Feel proud of being a parent of a son or daughter earning a fat salary,
  • Feel proud of being close to an influential person.

       And so on…..
Check which lock you really want to open and which is its real key. If we keep on using a wrong key again & again for opening a particular lock, it actually remains closed. Ultimately, it may get rusted or we may have to break it. That is why some people are not able to laugh heartily, some are not able to take big responsibilities on their shoulders and some are simply not able to forgive themselves.
Check whether you are always able to forgive yourself at a deeper level. If yes, may be you are operating other locks with the right keys.