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Issue LXX (03.06.2012)

Every Dream is an Examination

Another name of human being is a dream. We visualize things before trying to get it. This process of visualizing or dreaming keeps on motivating us.

A young child may simply have a dream of having a favorite chocolate. A young teenager may dream of going on a trip with peers while for a young adult, the most important dream may be getting a good job or being a manager or earning a lot of money, etc. For a middle aged person, the dream may be to be a parent of a talented, successful and well cultured son or daughter. Or, it may be having the credit of establishing a business or having an image of a knowledgeable and respectable officer, etc.

The important thing to be understood here is in what way we follow our dream is highly important. A young child does nothing to fulfill his dream except requesting his parents to bring him a chocolate. At times, one can simply wait for his fortune to smile at him. These are the ways a child associates himself with his dreams. He simply visualizes his dream object and takes pleasure in imagining that he has got it.
However, as an adult one should realize first of all that a dream is not to be enjoyed simply by visualizing it. Rather, every dream is an examination. A dream is always for something which we do not have at present. So, it puts a demand on us to do something we have not done so far. We have to learn something new and make some extra efforts. After that, what we get in turn is secondary because that is not in our control and there is no surety that even if we get what we wanted, we would be able to sustain it. However, what we learnt and what extra we did in this process can certainly be enjoyed. This is a pure achievement.

Once we have a dream, we should go through the following steps:

  • We should evaluate the dream – whether or not it is worth fulfilling. Is it the need of the time? Would others who are related to us in this dream be benefitted if the dream is achieved?

  • If the answer to these questions is affirmative, we should question ourselves – what knowledge, quality and skills which this dream demands I already have and what more I need to learn.

  • What would be the source and the process of learning? From where should I arrange time to learn something or to do something Extra?

We can add some more relevant questions to this list. The main message to be conveyed here is that the moment we dream of something, it means what we already know and what we are already doing is not sufficient. Perhaps life is calling us by way of a dream to put something more important, something extra to our Being. If a dream is chasing us, we should not take it like a child – requesting someone to get us what we want – we should take our dreams as a demand on us – as an invitation to us to grow in some way and enjoy being something more from within.


Your Comments

g1KQKb3gJpd Wow! c2a0That was terrific! c2a0Very intgfhsiul. c2a0I never really though of it that way before, but I believe that much of my life (as much as I really hate to admit it) is driven that way. c2a0I have been guilt of making c2a0E N O R M O U S c2a0investments in material things because I wanted what I thought they could bring to the table.Case in point, I invested nearly two-hundred-thousand dollars in professional PA gear, because I really wanted to become a more popular sound engineer. c2a0Did that decision help to accomplish that goal? c2a0Well maybe, a little. c2a0So, yes there was some marginal benefit, but compared to the marginal cost it was a ridiculous misappropriation of resources.The expensive sound equipment came with a huge monthly financial obligation, lots of maintenance expenses, and other losses in terms of equipment failures, theft, etc., and lots of additional expenses like expensive trailers for transportation, insurance, property taxes, interest expenses, storage fees, etc., etc., etc.So, the dream I had of owning this fantastic sound system did very little to accomplish my real goal, but the marginal cost of ownership ended up putting me completely out of business eventually, and that ultimately destroyed my goal of becoming a more popular sound engineer. c2a0Only now, years later, am I beginning to recover from my stupidity.I sincerely hope that others can learn from our mistakes and realize that everything is always all about God, and how we can best serve Him.Kevin, God bless you for this ministry. c2a0It is such a welcomed break from so much of the junk that gets posted on the Internet each day. c2a0I always look forward to your inspirational blog. c2a0Let's get together soon. c2a0Dan Coleman, TCSc2a0

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