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Issue LXXX (02.09.2012)

Our Relationship with God
Author : Dr. Anita Mathur


The famous shloka of Geeta given below reveals our relationship with our Supreme  Father- our relationship with GOD. The shloka says:

Karmanye Vadhikaraste, Ma Phaleshu Kadachane,
Ma Karma Phala hetur Bhurmatey Sangostva Akarmani

The first line of this verse says that we as human beings have got a Power to choose our action. We have intellect, we have consciousness and we have conscience which keeps us connected to laws of Nature. By using these faculties, we can make the right choice every time. However, as the second line says, to decide the outcome is not totally in our hands. Our actions interact with laws of Nature to lead to actual results.

God embodies the principles of Nature – The basic principles of creation, life and destruction. Since a human being is also a creation of Nature – the basic principles of Human life can be drawn from the laws of nature.

Each and every action, thought and words of a human being is like the atoms of an object. They remain in the universe, interact with our other activities (Karma) and come back to us. Just like the physical atoms, No Karma Gets Decayed. Only the Form changes – from Action, it gets converted into the outcome. Every action takes time to interact with laws of nature and comes back as a success, a problem, a failure or an inspiration, etc. The way we take this outcome further interacts with laws of Nature and the cycle goes on.

We understand the Creator of these laws of Nature as God.  Through these universal laws, he is able to observe each and every Karma without any error.
Pooja , chanting, worship etc is to create positive energy around us and to keep our brain busy to avoid negativity. Such practices reduce our distance from God. God, as Father or Creator of all of us always wants us to be happy and at peace. If we share his mission through our initiatives, thoughts and feelings, we get closer to Him.

So what we are getting is the outcome of what we did earlier. What we are doing today will come after the latent period. Delay in the output explained in the thirteenth chapter of Geeta, [ksetrya] is because of the time taken from the sowing of seed to fruits coming out.

SO it is me only who can decide what kind of energy will come back to me and it is God who decides it will come when and in what form.


Your Comments

manikuttan never waste time for temple or church.use time to find god inside you. "ahambrahmasmi"

xyz it is true the thoughts,words and actions convert into energy.this energy remains in the univers,reflects back to us. God keeps this acconts, offcourse he is unbiased.he is a perfect accountants.Gives outputs from your inputs.

Prerna mathur Woooow i like it vrey much. Philosophy of life with basic laws of science . We should add truth, honesty, humanity, possitivity, happiness aur dheeeeeeeer sari smiles in our life & in our society auur simply in sabke opposites ko remove karna hai .

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