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Theme of the week

Issue LXXIV (01.07.2012)

Trusting Community can Handle Pressures Better


Fallen standard of moral values and integrity, intensified greed and ego, and excessive desires have badly affected mutual trust in relationships. Our faith within the family, at our workplace, and in the society, is becoming shaky as we are advancing technically. Specially, misuse of Information Technology is encouraging a complete distrust and disharmony. Computer viruses, spamming, fishing, hacking…. Information technology has all the reasons for one to be doubly sure before trusting any email received or software downloaded or copied.
A recent news storey on Times of India news portal warns that SIM card of your mobile phone can be cloned by a missed call! As you call back on that number, your SIM details are transferred to the other end. So from now on, we cannot afford the curtsey of calling back when received a missed call. Sick… Isn’t it?

"Trust" is magical! Establishing, building and maintaining trust brings passion in relationship. It helps make relations pleasurable and worthwhile. It brings a positive influence on the behaviours, perceptions, and performances. It opens the lines of communication. It creates deep lasting connections. And the dedication and hard work required to make trust work is not only worth it, but critical to every relationship’s success!

This world of ours, must avoid becoming a community of dreadful fear and hate, and be, instead, a proud confederation of mutual trust and respect.
Some simple practices may help us and strengthen mutual trust again:

  • Trust yourself as you can trust others only when you have full confidence in your own self.

  • While we certainly cannot trust no-territory creatures like, hackers, spammers, cheaters, terrorists, etc., it should not become default for everyone. Remember, such fellows do not belong to any society.

  • Be trustworthy to others. It’s a give and take relationship. Show commitment and expect the same in return.

  • Be transparent and open communication routes for building mutual faith.

  • Distrust someone only when proven with evidence. Have faith in everyone, by default.

  • Do reasonable favours to others as this is how we strengthen the mutual bonding.

  • Align your personal goals and mission with family and society missions. They should not conflict.

    There's just so many short and long term benefits inherent in a trusting community it's hard to understand why everybody doesn't just make the investment necessary to foster one. These simple steps can improve our bonding with each other and society can become less vulnerable to external threats.

Your Comments

Jack Values have fallen everywhere. Why to blame IT!

B Rastogi The theme image and article reminds me of a childhood story where this poor farmer who is on his death bad calls his sons and teaches the lesson of unity. Unity is strength and unity comes from mutual trust.

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